Introducing Novavii, a makeup brand that aims to provide you with healthy, safe, and clean makeup which is chemical-free, organic, and non-toxic. Novavii wishes to introduce clean and effective makeup ranges for women in India based on their different skin types, as compared to other countries. 

They have designed non-toxic cosmetic products to keep the skin healthy and chemical-free. With their products, you can enjoy a simple and radiant look without putting in too much effort. 

3D Animation Services

Novavii partnered with us to strategize and design a brand reveal video for the website. The idea behind the video was to keep focus on their products and highlight them in a way that represented Novavii as a brand, and what they stand for, visually. 

As a result, with our team of talented animation artists, we were able to not only conceptualize an understanding for the brand, but also came up with a visually appealing, and aesthetically fitting video, keeping in mind the key points. The video specifically was designed keeping in close consideration, the tone of the brand, the different shades and colors used to represent the brand’s personality, and the purpose for which the video was created. 

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