Introducing Groomd, a men’s grooming brand that sells completely natural and cruelty free products. Each product is created with special ingredients that turn hair and body care into a treat. 

Graphic Designing 

Our team of experienced designers worked efficiently to create a seamless design that went hand in hand with the brand values of Groomd. 

We comprehended Groomd’s vision and business objectives to design info graphics and banners that blended ideally with their ideology, and delivered unsurpassed designs that helped boost user experience.

E-Commerce Management

With flexibility and comprehensive skills, we managed all facets of Groomd’s Amazon account to generate returns on investments. With efficient strategies that included catalogue management, and introducing the latest Amazon features to the brand’s profile, we successfully executed the management services that led to conversions.

Our team of strategists devised effective strategies that helped improve the ranking on Amazon’s listing for all products improved considerably, and the rankings boosted evidently in just two weeks for a brand with zero visibility on these E-Commerce platforms. 

The following products got listed on Amazon’s first page in their categories.

  1. Post-Shave Balm – #193 in Aftershave Treatments
  2. Hair Styling Clay – #22 in Hair Styling Clays

With our exceptional E-Commerce management and efficient strategies, Groomd’s Hair Styling Clay was listed on Amazon’s choice in 3 weeks of marketing.

More Work