Top WordPress Membership Plugins: Create Community Websites on WordPress

WordPress membership plugins are the type of plugin that allows you to create community websites and take advantage of membership settings. It adds functionality to your website by providing memberships and subscription-based options.

Today, WordPress has thousands of these plugins available for you to select from. But choosing the right WordPress membership plugin is essential for your website as it creates more growth opportunities.

In this article, we’ve scoured some of the best membership plugins on the market and brought them together for you. Continue reading the article to create your community websites easily.

Table of Content

  1. What To Look for in WordPress Membership Plugins?
  2. Best Membership Plugins to Create Community Website
    • Wishlist Member
    • ProfilePress
    • BuddyPress
    • MemberPress
    • LearnDash
    • s2Member

What To Look for in WordPress Membership Plugins?

There are plenty of plugins available in the marketplace that can help you create community websites, but not all of them may have necessary features that are crucial for you.

Some are good for providing subscriptions on a single level, while others offer excellent features to build online communities where users can communicate with each other.

A few plugins offer drip content features to your website that allows you to release new content slowly in front of the user. While few of them are remarkable in restricting the paid content.

Your WordPress membership plugins should also have support for your preferred payment gateways so that users can easily make payments and enjoy subscription-based content.

In short, here are a few features that good WordPress membership plugins should have:

  • Member management
  • Forums and live chat support
  • Easy digital downloads
  • Content drip functionality
  • Multilevel subscriptions
  • Few design templates
  • Easy to access payment gateways

Best Membership Plugins to Create Community Website

Here’s the list of best membership plugins that can help you create stunning community websites and enhance your website’s performance with any coding knowledge.

1. Wishlist Member

Wishlist Member Plugin

Wishlist Member is one of the first WordPress membership plugins right when having a membership website became a thing. In 2020 they released a completely new version that updated the interface, made it easier to use, and added tons of new integrations and features.

Get Wishlist Member Plugin

2. ProfilePress

WordPress Membership Plugin

ProfilePress is the most commonly used, reputed, and leading WordPress membership plugin designed to solve simple yet most important problems while creating community websites.

It gives you the freedom of making a fully functional website that’s easy to manage and gives you the control to design it based on your convenience.

It’s a premium plugin that comes with three different packages, Standard, Plus, and Agency, each having exceptional features that fit best according to your needs.

Let’s now head towards some of the mind-blowing features of ProfilePress and understand their uses:

  1. Live Preview of Form Design– While you continue creating your form for your community website, you’ll also see an instant view of your form design side-by-side. You can easily preview the registration, login, and password along with the front-end profile forms.
  2. Spam Protection– ProfilePress protects your site from spam attacks using No CAPTCHA and reCAPTCHA options. It comes with built-in options to prevent attacks.
  3. Social Login– It allows an easy logging option where users can easily log in with their social media profiles. You can easily achieve this setting without any prior knowledge or experience.
  4. Password Reset Mail– It provides a highly comfortable method to Customise a forgotten password through a reset mail option.
  5. Theme Installer– With ProfilePress, you can easily create attractive and stunning forms with their predefined themes in a couple of minutes without knowing HTML and CSS.
  6. Welcome Message– It allows you to create custom welcome messages for new users, which helps in creating trust and building personal bonds with them.
  7. Add ons– ProfilePress comes with premium addons that you can get for extra functionality. This includes BuddyPress, MailChimp, and Campaign Monitor.

With such exciting and more advanced features, ProfilePress is undoubtedly one of the best WordPress membership plugins that can help create community and subscription-based websites with zero technical knowledge.

3. BuddyPress

BuddyPress Plugin

BuddyPress is also a social networking membership plugin that helps WordPress website owners to add community features to their sites. Its excellent theme compatibility feature helps you decorate your website and all its content pages with the right elements that go well with your website.

Some of the great features of BuddyPress are:

  1. Activity Streams– This feature allows you to record any activity on your community website, including blog commenting, making new friends, or posting any content.
  2. Customizable Emails– This plugin allows you to edit your email’s color and styles with the help of a WordPress customizer.
  3. Notifications– This feature helps all users get instant notifications on their profiles.

You can also try BuddyPress for free and get its paid version when you’re fully satisfied with its free version.

4. MemberPress

memberpress community plugin

MemberPress is also one of the great plugins to create community websites. It comes with exciting features that integrate easily with your WordPress website so that you can easily turn your website into a robust community with ease.

Its main features include coupon generation, dynamic pricing, content dripping, and detailed analytics monitoring to maintain the success rate of your website.

This plugin allows you to restrict your content in many ways. You can set restrictions based on specific categories, age groups, etc.

MemberPress is suitable for beginners with a few other incredible features.

5. LearnDash

Learndash LMS plugin

It’s also amongst the top WordPress membership plugins that, along with creating community websites, helps to create and sell online courses with them.

LearnDash is also a popular LMS plugin with lots of integrations, membership modules, and powerful administration capabilities.

It comprises an easy payment structure feature through which you can create any pricing model you want, including one-time sales, subscriptions, and membership bundles.

Its additional features include drip content, forums, content restriction, and a lot more.

6. s2Member

S2 Member WordPress Membership Plugin

s2Member is a popular membership plugin with surprisingly amazing features. It comes with a lot of powerful tools like email templates, custom login welcome pages, IP restrictions, and brute-force protection.

It allows you to restrict particular pages or posts in your community websites based on custom post types or categories. You can also limit BuddyPress, certain URL fragments, and specific pieces of content inside the full posts.

However, the free version lacks features like coupon codes creation, drip content, and a few restriction features.


We hope that this article helped you find the best WordPress membership plugin that suits your needs. In order to create a community website, it’s extremely important to ensure that your audience doesn’t face any challenges while viewing and engaging with the content.

The above list of top WordPress membership plugins will surely help you create an attractive and user-friendly community website without any coding or technical knowledge.