WP AdCenter: WordPress Ad Manager Plugin

There’s no doubt that an easy WordPress Ads Manager plugin is necessary for bloggers and affiliate marketers to place and optimize the ads on their WordPress websites.

If you’ve been struggling with displaying hot custom banner ads or simple image banners on your website and have tried plenty of other complicated options, then look no further than WP AdCenter for an easy fix!

Keep reading the article to learn more about WP AdCenter and how it can help to boost your conversion rates by effectively Ad placement.

Table of Content:

  1. Why Should You Prefer WP AdCenter Only?
  2. Mind-Blowing Features of WP AdCenter
    • Basic Features
    • Advanced Features
  3. Why Should You Prefer WP AdCenter?

It’s an easy-to-use and simple-to-set up WordPress plugin. The free version contains remarkable features that are more than enough for smaller websites.

Usually, displaying and managing ads on your WordPress website is extremely challenging because:

Sometimes you need to track the performance of old ads and replace them with new ones, which is a painful task.
Inserting new ads at the right place without editing the code can often frustrate you.

Your website needs to show the ads to the right audience at the right time.

There’s no better option than WP AdCenter to avoid such complicated situations and enjoy a smooth process for ad placement with a user-friendly interface with no coding efforts.

It’s the perfect WordPress advertising plugin that every WordPress website owner should use to monetize their website by showing ads to the audience.

The top reasons for using WP AdCenter are:

  • User-friendly interface and quick set-up
  • Lightweight plugin with amazing features
  • Provides a complete control on who, when, where, and how to show ads
  • Easily monetization of website content
  • In-depth report for analyzing and improvement of ads
  • Quick customer support

Get WP Adcenter now and boost your conversion rates by showing user-friendly optimized ads.

Mind-Blowing Features of WP AdCenter

Let’s take a detailed look at some powerful features of this plugin:

Basic Features

  1. Fully Responsive Ads – You can create fully responsive ads for all devices such as mobile, laptops, or desktops without affecting their quality. WP AdCenter ads are totally responsive.
  2. Fast and Lightweight – The plugin is ultra-fast developed with well-optimized codes that keep your website running smoothly.
  3. Simple User Interface – It comes with a simple, user-friendly interface for making your ads management process seamless.
  4. Place Ads Anywhere – Easily customize your ads and place them anywhere on the website to get higher attention from the users.
  5. Video Ads – Enjoy more conversion by placing video ads in either MP4, WebM, or OGG format.
  6. All Ad Types – You can easily show ads from all ad networks and can also host ads from third-party advertisers.
  7. Detailed Stats and Reports – Get reliable and detailed stats and custom reports to analyze and optimize your ad placements.

Advanced Features

  1. Weighted and Ordered Ads – Increase or decrease the display frequency of ads based on your convenience and assign the order of ads displayed.
  2. Google Analytics Tracking Integration – Get all the relevant information and in-depth reports straight in your Google Analytics dashboard by effortlessly integrating your Analytics account with WP AdCenter.
  3. Ad Block Detection – It’s one of the most remarkable features that allows your WordPress website to detect visitors using ad-blockers on their browser. It asks them to disable the ad-blockers for viewing the content. Ultimately, it ensures that your ads are displayed correctly, resulting in increased conversion rates.
  4. Geo-Targeting – The geo-targeting feature allows you to target your ads to a specific set of audiences anywhere in the world. You can filter the audience based on their country, region, or city and then display your banner and other forms of ads accordingly. Displaying your ads to your target audience based on their location will likely show better conversions.
  5. All Ad Networks – Apart from Google Adsense, you can also display ads from popular ad networks like Amazon Shopping Ads, Media.net, Ezoic, InfoLinks, The Moneytizer, etc.
  6. In-Feed Ads – Placing your ads between the posts on your homepage and other pages will automatically increase the chances of clicking it. Such ads provide better user experience and monetization chances.
  7. Schedule Ads – With an ad scheduler, seamlessly schedule your ads depending on specified timelines with its start and end dates.
  8. Custom Email Notifications – This feature allows you to send ad expiry reminder emails to the advertisers before due days, click, or views.
  9. Insert Scripts – It lets you add custom codes like Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics code, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, etc., in the header or footer section.
  10. Rotating Ads – With the Rotating Ads feature in the WP AdCenter, you can also rotate ads according to a predefined schedule. This helps in minimizing ad blindness and getting maximized clicks.
  11. Cloaked URL – With this feature, you can assure that your site visitors only see the original domain name and not the destination URL.
  12. Payment Integration – Receive payments from advertisers with WooCommerce integration. It also works well with other payment gateway options like Strive and Paypal.


If you’re running a WordPress website, you’ll definitely require a fantastic WordPress ad management plugin, and WP AdCenter is no exception to it.

This plugin will surely offer huge advantages in creating and optimizing your ads and displaying them correctly to get maximum clicks and better conversion rates.