Top 6 Social Media Marketing Tools in 2021

Social Media ToolsIf you’ve ever used any of the various social media platforms available to promote your business, you would know how challenging it can be to navigate them effectively to build your brand. Each platform presents a variety of arrangements for communicating your idea, product or service to your audience ranging from image and video formats to even written and audio formats. One makes use of these formats to present what their brand stands for, which is why it is extremely essential to have a firm grasp on the motivation behind the brand and the way these platforms operate to achieve valuable results. 

It can be a strenuous task to manage one let alone numerous platforms at once, which is why almost all of them consist of categories of numerical data designed to assist you in understanding, strategizing and developing solid plans to market your brand online. Fortunately, these tools are available to make these processes straightforward and less demanding for you. 


Hootsuite has become every social media manager’s go-to tool. It provides services to make content curation, scheduling posts in advance, team management and analyzing statistics such as insights, reach and the activity of your followers across Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Youtube, and more, all manageable through one platform. Organizations can benefit from Hootsuite by availing it for social media listening as well as online customer service by drafting set messages accordingly. 


HubSpot is a cloud based channel aiming to provide services for your organization mainly in the domains of marketing, sales, customer service, content management as well as operations – through inbound. Their medium runs on the intention to create and retain meaningful and lasting relationships with prospects and existing clients. Social media scheduling, email marketing, tracking landing pages, monitoring and analyzing customer demands, with HubSpot, it is all within reach on the same platform. 


Canva has gained immense popularity among the social media community due to its extremely straightforward ways of operating. The platform has made designing aesthetic yet undemanding to even complete beginners. It provides various paid (Canva Pro) as well as free versions of templates for numerous categories of events depending on the requirements of the user for Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook and more. Compared to its counterparts, Canva is easily adaptable, less complicated and features the ability to share your designs among your teams on and off the platform. 


Buzzsumo grants the ability to run a quick search to generate content ideas, detect platform insights and find relevant influencers for you. It monitors your competitors and performs an analysis based on their content being shared socially. With these details, it becomes easier for social media teams to strategize the plan of action for their upcoming projects and eventually improve upon it as and when required.   

Mention functions to uncover marketing, branding, audience as well as your competitions’ insights on your fingertips. With the features of social media monitoring and management, brand management, web monitoring, competitive analysis and tracking for Facebook, Instagram and Twitter – is the cheapest and most effective way for a new marketer to operate their brand online. 


AdEspresso is a revolutionary tool for your approach towards Facebook, Instagram and Google Ads. It constructs, optimizes and centralizes your Ads in one place for your advertising campaigns to save your team’s money, efforts and time on individual ad management tools. To take your campaign to the next level, you can also consult the marketing team of AdEspresso or even have them run your Ads for you! 


There are, of course, a large number of additional tools available to facilitate your social media management journey, but this list comprises the ones with the best customer experiences and facilities provided by them. There are a handful of options to choose from which makes your decision as a user, all the more difficult. Don’t worry, take your time and make sure the tool you choose is the best suited for your brand’s needs.