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Want to make your soap packaging look attractive? The soap packaging ideas curated in this blog will surely help you show off your creation.

Whether you’re making soaps for gifts or just want to sell them to your target customers, the packaging is the most important part which you can’t afford to ignore. After all, you wouldn’t like to miss even a single opportunity for Brand Marketing. So, what’s that which increases its shelf appeal? Is it the beautiful design prints or the type of material you use for its packaging? Well…the factors are many and you need to keep all of them into consideration to get the best results for your efforts.

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Soap Packaging Types

Here are a few soap packaging types that you can use for your products:

  1. Cuboid container: The cuboid container is preferred usually for soap bars that can be used multiple times.
  2. Small sachets: Saches are preferred if you’re offering products in very small quantities.
  3. Cartoons: If you’re a wholesaler, you can use large cartoons to supply your products in bulk.
  4. Plastic bottles: For liquid soaps and spray cleansers, plastic bottles are more convenient to use.
  5. Jars: For whipped soaps.

What is the most effective packaging design for soaps?

The effectiveness of soap packaging design depends on various factors. Is your soap size small or big? Is it for one-time use or can be used multiple times? You must keep into account all these factors.

For example:

  • For One-time Use: You should go for small sachets if your soap is only for one-time use. And, the design and other required information should be adjusted accordingly.
  • For liquid soaps: For liquid soaps, you should use bottles that have pumps on their heads.
  • Focus Element: If your soap contains flower elements like Rose and Lavender, make sure your packaging should reflect the flowers as a focus element. Similarly, If your soap contains elements like Neem and Tulsi, you can reflect nature’s vibe beautifully.
  • For Whipped Soaps: You can use jars.

Inspiring Soap Packaging Ideas

1. Prepare a Gift Set

Soap Packaging Ideas

Take a few soaps, 3 or 4, and create a gift set. Just like Kimirica has done for its soap. The soaps come in a pack of 3 to make you feel like a gift hamper.

2. Personalize Your Soap Packaging

Soap Packaging Ideas

Adding a personalized touch is one of the best soap packaging ideas to express your feelings towards your customers. You can personalize it in different ways such as by adding the name of your customers, a cute bathing quote or stickers, etc.

3. Make a Parcel

Soap Packaging Ideas

Making small parcels is another way to attract the attention of your customers. It doesn’t look only cute but is also a cost-effective method. The brand Vedic Saga is offering its products just like this way.

4. Snail Shape

Soap Packaging Ideas

Do you like animals? Me too… See how CARTSHOPPER has designed Snail-Shape Liquid Soap Dispenser. Just pump push its back and it’ll dispense the soap.

5. Refillable Rounded Dispenser

Refillable Dispenser

Give your customers a package that they can use again and again. This rounded soap dispenser by Generic brand is something like that. It’s a refillable bottle made with ceramic and is ideal for bathrooms, kitchen or commercial uses.

6. Soap Jar for Whipped Soaps

Packaging for Whipped Soaps

Using a jar is perhaps the best way for whipped soaps to prevent the soap from wastage. Just open the jar, scoop out a small amount and put the rest safely on the shelf. This inspiring example is of Brown Living’s Rose & Coconut Whipped Soap that tones, hydrates and scents your skin.

7. Placing Label On The Top

Brand Marketing for Soaps

How beautifully L’OCCITANE designed the packaging of their soap. Floral design on the inside wrapper and placing a label on the top mentioning the brand name and its major benefit. Did you like this idea?

8. Select Tones According to the Product Benefits

Soap Bar Cuboid Container

Think about your product. Does it lighten the skin tone? Does it make you feel fresh? Whatever it is, you can use the color tones according to your product benefits. Take the example of LA Organo. The soap is known for its skin lightening & brightening benefits. The brand has used a cuboid container in bright colors displaying the major benefits as a focus point.

How to make packaging unique

Want to provide your customers with a great unboxing experience? Follow these tips and you’ll be able to improve customer’s unboxing as well as their shopping experience.

  • Make sure it doesn’t feel boring.
  • Put the logo in a creative way.
  • Make it personalized for the customer.
  • Make the unboxing a fun experience. You can add some special treats for them.
  • Emotional packaging design really matters a lot. Hence, pick colors that evoke positive emotions.
  • Consider the inside space of a box. Instead of leaving the inside space untouched, you can give it a pattern or something else that makes it look more upscale.
  • Sometimes simplicity speaks a lot. For example, if your soap’s main element is neem, you can select a nature-green tone with a neem illustration on it. Give it a twist of a bright-colored label.

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When it comes to packaging design, don’t limit yourself. Try experimenting with different ideas and in the end, you’ll come up with surprising results. By the way, don’t forget to comment, which one among these soap packaging ideas stole your heart.