What is SKU and ASIN on Amazon?

As it is correctly said by Calvin Coolidge, “The only difference between a mob and a trained army is management”
Organizing and managing products is one of the techniques every retailer wants to be well equipped in and when it comes to effective selling, we all want to be skilled individuals with a clear plan in action.
SKU and ASIN are similar tools that help you maintain and manage your products better. Tools like these might be a little puzzling to comprehend if you’re new to the e-market. But don’t worry, with the right amount of data you can crack through these generalities. So, let’s get to know what is SKU and ASIN on Amazon.

Table of Contents

  • What is SKU on Amazon?
  • Steps that will make it easier for you to generate an SKU
  • What is ASIN on Amazon?
  • How are SKU and ASIN different from each other?
  • How do SKU and ASIN help sellers?
  • Conclusion

What is SKU on Amazon?


SKU stands for Stock Keeping Unit. It is produced by the seller and is a shorthand for longer descriptions.
Remember when you were in an academy and while being assessed, your performance was graded as A, B, C? These grades were shorthand for long descriptions like Good, Bad, Satisfactory. The Educators put together all the information and found a concluding grade.
This is how SKU works, it consists of all the attributes of a product that distinguishes it from other products, i.e style, size, color, price.
This code helps track a product easily and manage inventory on Amazon better, which in return provides the sellers on Amazon a stress-free experience.

Steps that will make it easier for you to generate an SKU.

  1. You can find out the exact details of your unique product.
  2. Generate a code according to your priorities.
  3. For example, first, you can write an acronym of your manufacturer, if your manufacturer is Euno bags then your first acronym will be EU.
  4. Later, you can add up acronyms for the size, type of product, color, the date you bought the product. Please note, the chronology need not be the same as mentioned above.
  5. You can use your chronological order to form an SKU.

Also, there are several tools online that you can use to generate an SKU.

What is ASIN on Amazon?


Amazon is a leading e-commerce platform and it has introduced numerous tools for sellers so that they can have a smooth selling process.
Amazon Standard Identification Network or ASIN is a unique identification code that is given to a product to categorize it into the Amazon catalogs.
Amazon has a huge variety of products from different manufacturers. An ASIN helps one understand and identify the products within their organization.
It is a 10 digit unique code. Amazon Standard Identification code can be found in the product detail section of your desired product.
While generating an ASIN, one thing you want to look out for is that when you’re reselling an existing product you do not have to generate a new ASIN.
The product already has an ASIN. If you’re selling a product that is entirely new in Amazon’s catalog only then you can produce a new ASIN.

How are SKU and ASIN different from each other?

Here are the key differences between SKU and ASIN that will help you understand them better.



  • Consists of 40 characters maximum
  • Code is generated by compiling the attributes of the products
  • Helps track products in inventories
  • Shorthand for a longer description
  • Can be generated by the seller


  • 10 digit numerical code
  • Used for product identification within the organization (Amazon)
  • Helps categorize the product in the Amazon catalog
  • You can spot this code in the product details section

How do SKU and ASIN help the Seller?

Amazon has always been up to the mark with its product selling techniques and it ensures that the experience is the same for both the Sellers and the Customers.
SKU and ASIN enhance the process of selling as it enlists the products which help in saving the seller’s time.
It helps the seller keep a track of their respective products most efficiently. SKU and ASIN are the search engine optimization of Amazon.
If you’re an e-marketer and have a proficient business but are not selling it on amazon. You might miss out on the traffic that Amazon can bring to your brand.


Amazon brings out the best products that are available in the market. It ensures that sellers have a good balance.
When you’re in business it’s important to pick a pace and work smarter. A smart seller will try his best to keep in check all his inventories and manage his products so he can sail smoothly, sit back and enjoy the profit that he has gained due to his smart tactics.
Learning tools like the SKU and ASIN can be mind-boggling in the beginning but once you get the hang of it, it just gets easier to climb the ladder of success.
So now that you know these tactics, dive into the ocean of opportunities and let Amazon’s tools do the rest.