Introducing YOU, for a comfortable and effective oral care experience for anyone and everyone.

YOU is committed to making your oral care journey simple and enjoyable, as well as to clearing up the misinformation that surrounds oral care.

Each product contains thoughtfully-curated ingredients to provide you with the best oral care possible.



Our strategists created the brand personality and tone from scratch, for YOU. We assisted YOU in effectively branding itself to reflect the new direction of its mission, vision, and range of products. 

We created a variety of deliverables for the brand, including inner and outer packaging of the toothpaste and toothbrush along  with its labels. 

Our designers created different batches of 3D mock-ups of the packaging that creatively represented the marketing elements for the brand. We also created animation-based videos to reflect the story of the brand as well as a 5 parter series starring the ‘tooth genie’. 


Website Design and Development 

We experimented with Shopify’s themes to find the right fit for the YOU website. We even updated the creative content that aligned with the brand’s tone and personality to help best communicate what the brand is about. Our team created different pages to make the website more user-friendly for people looking to purchase the products.


More Work