Tympass is the home to interactive short videos, viral content, comedy bits, dance videos, makeup tutorials, and much more.

Graphic Designing

We made a bunch of creative graphics of influencer videos, memes, and set a particular theme that represented the brand well. We have crafted engaging ad videos to increase the awareness of their brand through which app download increased, and similarly, the followers increased on their social media platforms.

Digital Marketing

      Influencer Marketing

We collaborated with a number of influencers to join and engage with our platform and create content that represented their creativity best.

      Social Media Marketing

We curated a number of strategies and hashtags to boost audience engagement that helped increase followers and likes  on the social media platforms.

      App Install Marketing

After conducting a proper analysis in order to narrow down an appropriate demographic for the brand, we were able to set a relevant and achievable target. With our effective marketing strategies, we were able to generate 100-200 application installs on a daily basis on Google Play and App Store at a fairly low CPI.

More Work