That Backyard Tree Foods (TBT)

Introducing ‘That Backyard Tree Foods’ (TBT), a brand that tastes so good, you’ll get homesick with every bite. TBT took our fondest childhood memories of spending summers in our grandmother’s backyard, climbing trees and munching down on the tasty treats and brought that feeling of joy and pure indulgence to our plates with a little recreation so that your wholesome and homey flavors can all be packed into one. 



Our strategists created the brand personality and tone from scratch, for TBT. We assisted TBT in effectively branding itself to reflect the fondest memories with food, the ones that came from the summer holidays spent in our grandmother’s backyard, climbing that one tree and munching down on all the delicious treats she would make.  

We created a variety of deliverables for the brand, including its logo. Our designers created different batches of 3D mock-ups of the packaging that creatively represented the marketing elements of the brand.

We came up with ideas on how this incomparable feeling of pure indulgence can be shared with the world through our wholesome and homey flavors with a bite of nostalgia so that no matter how much they eat, it will never feel enough.

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