Super Guard

Introducing SuperGuard, a brand that provides a wide range of home cleaning products. Their products are made with plant-based enzymes and contain no toxins, allergens, phosphates, parabens, or chemicals that can harm you, your family, or the environment. 


The brand’s goal is to inspire people to live healthier and more environmentally friendly lives by creating a safe environment for people and pets. 


Our social media team conducted extensive and in-depth research on the brand, their social media accounts, and their competitors to determine what is trending in the market and required for the brand based on their tone and USPs to increase the brand’s social media visibility. 


Social Media Marketing


We created content for social media platforms by focusing on their USPs and plant-based products. 


Our team helped increase the brand’s engagement on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. The creative team also created innovative videos and social media posts for their brand to help convey the message that their products are safe for all.

More Work