Strive Consultants

Introducing Strive Consultants, an award-winning diversity organization aiming for representative diversity in City Law. STRIVE sources and develops talents from intersectionality diverse, socially mobile, and under-represented backgrounds and helps them realize their true potential. 

They have been officially registered as a charity and helped over 100+ students secure graduate-level jobs at firms.

Content Marketing

STRIVE required our team of strategic content marketers to prepare promotional content and help the brand gain sponsorships and fundraising to organize exclusive events and improve brand awareness.

We created content for their latest sponsors, Travers Smith, a leading full-service law firm, that acts for publicly listed and private companies as well as other business enterprises involved in large and complex UK and cross-border matters, transactions, and disputes. 

We also designed an aesthetically appealing and informative 3D course video for Shift, the first LegalTech Bootcamp in the UK, hosted by STRIVE. It was free and focused on targeting anybody from underrepresented backgrounds in the legal industry. With its simple but catchy and compelling graphics, the video clearly explains what LegalTech is and how Shift can simplify your understanding of it. 

Social Media Marketing

The brand had a decent amount of engagement on Instagram and LinkedIn. They partnered with us to optimize and manage their social media profiles for gaining visibility for their upcoming events. 

As a result, our skilled team members planned, prepared, and optimized their social media profiles and regularly updated informative content keeping in mind the brand templates and color combinations. We’ve helped ignite their performance and give consistency to the brand’s visual identity on all their social media platforms with our efforts.

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