Sneakko, the footwear brand believes in bringing comfort with style to your every step. 1 in 5 people with flat legs and wearing the wrong shoe can develop complications in their legs. The brand aims to educate people on what shoes they should wear to prevent or deal with such foot problems.  


A logo can quickly capture the attention of viewers while also effectively communicating a company’s core values. As a result, our innovative designers created an appealing logo for Sneakko to leave a lasting impression in the viewers’ minds.  The essence of a brand can only be portrayed through its advertising. Our strategists brainstormed the ideologies behind Sneakko and came up with a brand new logo to tell their brand story and what they stand for in a visual form.

We created a variety of deliverables for the brand, including its logo. Our designers created different batches of 3D mock-ups that creatively represented the marketing elements of the brand.

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