Serves One

Presenting, Serves One, the taste of home away from home! Serves One provides wholesome modern tiffin services for people who crave the taste of mom’s home-cooked delights or grandma’s special curry. Serves One delivers homemade, and healthy food all over India.

Branding Services

The essence of a brand can only be portrayed through its advertising. Our strategists brainstormed the ideologies behind Serves One and came up with a brand new logo, menu idea, print poster, and a standee to tell their brand’s story and what they stand for in a visual form.

Graphic Designing Services

A good design is at the heart of every brand. For Serves One, our team of graphic designers came up with an aesthetic essence that the masses would connect to. We designed and manufactured the packaging idea which included pop colours with contemporary desi lingo to give the consumers a more friendly and pleasing vibe.

Our team of creative Strategists came up with the new logo for the brand that told what the brand offered in an appealing way.

A great design is not just functional, but it portrays the brand story and touches the consumers’ aesthetic senses.

E-Commerce Marketing

For E-Commerce marketing, Serves One collaborated with us to list and manage their business on digital platforms such as Zomato and Swiggy. Apart from setting up their service on these platforms, our E-Commerce management team also strategized on the listing to increase consumer reach and ROI.

More Work