Introducing Rockford Whisky, a premium Indian whisky made from oak-aged Scottish malt whisky and charcoal filtered Indian grain spirits blended under the supervision of a Scottish master blender. Rockford Whisky is a brand that comes under the joint venture of the Umesh Modi Group and Italy’s Illva Saronno – together forming Modi Illva India Pvt Ltd. 

The brand’s personality focuses on keeping the tone suave, masculine, purposive, and contemporary. Our motive was to enhance the brand’s social media presence keeping in mind what Rockford Whisky as a brand stands for. 

We conducted extensive research and developed statistics and reports illustrating how different age groups interact with different whiskey brands. We also analyzed various platforms by researching the users, how much time they were spending on the platform, as well as the kind of content they were consuming. Our team conducted and studied various consumer profiles, grasped their social media insights, and pitched our ideas to the brand.

Social Media Marketing

Rockford Whisky teamed with us to improve their existing brand awareness and engagement to diversify consumer preferences towards them and insisted that all the content should be based on well-researched data to sound factually conclusive and appealing to the consumer. 

Thereby, our social media marketing team researched and created engaging content for various social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, keeping in mind the brand’s personality and ideated new strategic ways to reach out to new platforms and create surrogate ways to market brand’s persona as and when required for the purpose of online marketing.

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