OnTheGo Fitness

Established in 2020 in Mumbai, OnTheGo Fitness is a brand that indulges in distributing sustainable fitness equipment all over India. It aims to inculcate a healthy lifestyle to people right from their homes.

Graphic Designing

Other than making creative content for OTG’s website and social media, we also provided them with a wide range of GIFs, statics, product 2D and 3D videos, packaging designs, and infographics for their e-commerce websites. We followed a different creative pattern each time, choosing the right selection of colours for our themes and making the creatives more appealing to the eye.

Digital Marketing

We performed a comprehensive analysis of various competitors to discover the source of traffic and what drives audiences to such websites. With the available information and our SEO friendly practices, our services assisted in converting visitors into promising leads. 

We designed four Instagram stickers for OnTheGo, one of them amassed 28,803 views, while the others gained 2066, 2008 and 1662 views respectively.

E-Commerce Marketing

Our e-commerce services, formulated with utmost planning and precision, aided in gathering a total of Rs. 7.15 lacs worth in sales with 1200 units sold on Amazon and Flipkart alone for OnTheGo Fitness in a span of 1 ½ months. A total of Rs. 3.76 lacs worth in sales with 51 units in a span of two weeks was made on Amazon as well as Flipkart. 

Social Media Marketing

We put together OnTheGo Fitness’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts. With our wide varieties of strategies, we curated a theme for the posts to build engagement and followers on all social media platforms.

Instagram Sticker views

3D Product Modelling

3D Videos

More Work