Good Fellas

Introducing Good Fellas, a Delhi based Cloud Kitchen that boasts of their exquisite collection of North Indian meals, especially Butter Chicken. 

Good Fellas collaborated with us to help assess their brand tonality and ideology. 

Branding Services: 

Customers engage with a brand when it has a unique tone and identity. By improvising on what the brand believes in, our team of strategists came up with ideas and experiences that helped deliver out business transformations.

Graphic Designing: 

Our fleet of creative experts set out to design graphics that creatively represented Good Fellas’ marketing elements. We came up with an aesthetic design that used a pop colour palette to give off the indie vibes Indian consumer base would connect to.

Our designers came up with a new logo that defined Good Fellas’ brand identity in an approachable and friendly way.

We also curated packaging designs, Menu designs, stickers and other creatives for Good Fellas.

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