Global Groceries

Introducing Global Groceries, a Ghaziabad based dry fruits and seeds retail supplier and a trusted name in the field since 2013. With over 10 years of experience in the FMCG sector, Global Groceries has set up benchmarks for the dry fruit and seed industry by providing high quality products in a diverse range of premium packaging. They even provide customized bulk and gift orders.


Empowering brands to live out their beliefs. Global Groceries collaborated with us for corporate branding solutions. By charting the brand’s growth over the years, we bridged the gap in the market and created a unique brand identity that is associable across the demography and builds up communication across different media assets.

Web Development

By incorporating a theme that goes hand in hand with the brand offering, we designed and developed Global Groceries’ website right from the scratch, and in synchronicity. A luxurious essence was our main focus while designing the website but that’s not it. The website is as functional as it is presentable. 

With a strong and user friendly interface, and a keen eye for detail, we designed the website that is so much more than just a website. It’s a marketing tool that offers useful information to the traffic and helps them build a connection with the brand as well.

More Work