Echha Joshi

Meet Echha Joshi, the clinical nutritionist, and yoga instructor. She helps you find the healthiest version of yourself. With our strategic approach, we assisted Echha Joshi in getting a unified digital solution.


We created her visual identity that goes perfectly with her brand’s goal. We introduced a circular symbol that stands for Enso, a Japanese word meaning balance across all spectrums of our lives. The leaf on top is representing the client’s motto, i.e. Mind, body and nutrition, and its correlation. The logo color is representing the calmness that you’ll achieve from these holistic practices of nourishing your body.

Website Designing & Development

We noted down the brand’s on-site pain points and then came up with a new web experience to optimize the overall user journey.

Social Media

She hires our team to revitalize her target market. We created and managed a social media campaign for her to increase brand awareness and drive social engagement.

More Work