Beauty Basket

Introducing Beauty Basket, a woman’s skincare brand dealing in a wide arena of beauty products for your hair, face, and whole body’s growing needs.  

Beauty Basket collaborated with us to understand and strategise a brand identity that would help them climb to the pinnacle of beauty and skin care sectors online.

Branding Services:

Beauty Basket required our team of strategists to use modern marketing techniques to deliver a brand promise from scratch in order to create a presence that resonates with different target markets.

Our team came up with a strategy that helped Beauty Basket achieve its business goals, everything from successful launch to limitless growth.

Graphic Designing:

Our passionate design providers created outstanding and attention-grabbing visuals for banners, infographics, and other creatives for various eCommerce platforms.

E-Commerce Management Services:

Our exceptional E-Commerce Management specialists established an effective online presence for the brand and its products by listing them on Amazon, Flipkart, and Meesho in order to drive sales for the products.


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