How Does Packaging Design Influence Buying Behavior?

Whatever consumer thinks and does, it influences their buying behavior. Be it their needs, desire, someone’s recommendation, social status, healthy habits, etc. Do you think packaging design also influences consumer buying behavior? Well…it does.

Raise your hands if you saw the ad run by Dabur company for one of its beverage products Real Juice.

The advertising copy promotes how easily you can encourage your children to have fruits and the packaging design displays the logo and what it contains in a clear way. Besides, the packaging also focuses on the simplicity of taking out the juice from the package. Interesting enough!

Packaging design elements that influence buying behavior

Here are a few elements that influence the buying behavior of consumers:

1. Brand Characters

Do you remember that Monkey on Kellogg’s Coco Pops Pouch?

Packaging Design, How Does Packaging Design Influence Buying Behavior

The company used the mascot to bring out some playful vibe without compromising the health of children. If you take a look at this packaging design, you’ll find that they have clearly listed the health benefits of this product and children can also enjoy this delicious but healthy breakfast.

2. Brand Logo

Believe it or not! You have about 2 seconds to convince your potential customers that your product is worthy to consider. Your Brand Logo can help. In fact, it is the foundation of your Brand Identity and it is the one that can speak for your company in the market.

3. Colors

If you want to convey the emotions, feelings, and experiences, what you think the best way to do it? Obviously, it’s through colors. The more strategically you use colors, the better you can explain about your brand.

Let me explain it with an example.

Consider the BournVita container. The packaging design is in orange color which

represents the energy.

Packaging Design, How Does Packaging Design Influence Buying Behavior

Now, take a look at Gold Bar Whiskey below. The packaging is shaped like a bar in a gold color that feels sleek and premium.

Packaging Design

See how you can grab the attention of your potential customers through emotional packaging design.

4. Typography

With so many options that are competing with your product, how can you ensure that your product stands out amongst them? Hence, you need to focus on every element of packaging design that increases the chance to grab the attention of your potential customers. Typography is one such element.

Not all information is required to put emphasis on. Therefore, typography hierarchy should be kept in mind.

  • Primary: This section displays the information that instantly helps you position a brand. For example, brand name.
  • Secondary: This section displays the information that is required to inform your customer about the product. For example, brand tagline, product type, slogan, quantity, etc.
  • Tertiary: This section includes other necessary information such as instructions, dosage, ingredients, cautions, contact information, etc.

Besides information, font style is also important when it comes to design the packaging of your product. Think of a medical product on which the information has been written in fancy format. Do you think it is good? Obviously not! Therefore, select the font style that signifies the type of your brand and product..

5. Target Market

Your product packaging should be such that directly relates to your target market. Therefore, you need to perform in-depth research on it. Based on the people’s age, gender, language, culture, and lifestyle, their tastes and preferences vary.
One best example to consider is Glow & Lovely and Fair & Handsome cream.

Target Market Research

6. Security

See the packaging of Sunfeast Dark Fantasy Choco Fills Biscuits. The outer packaging has a brand logo along with a mouth-watering image. And, each piece of biscuit has a separate packaging inside.

Packaging Design

Each biscuit is packed separately so that you don’t need to worry about the storage once the package gets opened. And, the outer packaging is made of hard material to ensure none of the biscuits gets broken.

Moreover, you would love to explore these examples of product packaging designs.

Wrapping Up

So, this is how your product packaging can influence the buying behavior of your customers. So, when working with your packaging designers, make sure you consider all these factors. Else, your investment may not be fruitful.

So, what’s your idea about packaging product design? Share your ideas using the comment section below.