Marketing Challenges and Their Possible Solutions

The trend of marketing in the digital world is constantly changing and emerging. So, it becomes remarkably important for marketers to be aware of common marketing challenges and their possible solutions for surviving in the competition.

With the sudden shock of Covid-19, most businesses have suffered. The ones that have survived must have analyzed the marketing challenges and reacted proactively.

Continue reading the article, and we’ll let you know some little-known marketing challenges and their proven solutions that justify how Digital marketing is helpful for local businesses.

Table of Contents: 

  • Lack of Resources
  • Brand Awareness
  • Create Engaging Content
  • Prioritizing the Highest ROI Marketing Tactics
  • Getting Accurate Data
  • Knowing your Customers
  • Lack of Industry Awareness
  • Conclusion

1. Lack of Resources

Businesses constantly seek new ways for providing valuable products or services and maintaining a good relationship with their customers. By doing this, they can attract new customers and hold their existing customers. Unfortunately, due to lack of time and increase in competition, the brands have increased their marketing budget but cannot acquire new customers.



For reducing your costs and make full use of your resources, hire a marketing agency and let them do your digital marketing projects. The benefits of outsourcing your work to an agency are-

  • Cost Savings- The marketing agencies are much more affordable than hiring a full-time person for the same task. Working with agencies will help businesses get more effective results on their budget.
  • Saves Time- Time is the major factor in deciding the productivity of any brand. Businesses want to do more, but they lack time. Outsourcing your work to marketing agencies will increase your working hours. 

2. Brand Awareness

According to a survey, brand awareness is the second most common marketing challenge most businesses face. Nowadays, most brands focus on digital marketing, and the competition among the brands is constantly increasing. The customers are now used to seeing similar kinds of advertisements every day, so it’s becoming difficult for brands to make themselves unique.


Refresh and review your business for 2022. You can easily attract new customers for your products/services if you have good brand recognition. Start analyzing your target customers and see how your competitors are acquiring them. Come up with a better plan and enjoy your growth.

3. Create Engaging Content

Creating engaging content will always play an important role in interacting with your audience. According to a survey, 24% of marketers feel their biggest hurdle is creating engaging content in 2022. Whether it’s in the form of articles, videos, or images, if your content is educating or offering value to your customers, they’re likely to engage with it.


The brands need to be transparent and authentic with their consumers to engage their content. Irrespective of whichever social media they’re posting their content, it should be valuable. Also, try to engage with the comments or messages you’re receiving on your posts or articles. By posting quality and engaging content, your brand loyalty automatically increases.

4. Prioritizing The Highest ROI Marketing Tactics

A major challenge for marketers is prioritizing their marketing tactics based on ROI. With so many current strategies in the digital field, it’s quite difficult for marketers to decide which factor to work upon first. The best way to manage your marketing tactics is to take actions based on your brand’s mission and customer requirements. You can also learn about the Top 6 Social Media Marketing Tools


Here are a few points that will help you in deciding your marketing priorities:

  • Find your target audience
  • Monitor all your previous marketing campaigns
  • Perform a SWOT analysis
  • Define your marketing objectives
  • Make a well-defined marketing funnel
  • Create your blueprint
  • Report and measure your progress

5. Getting Accurate Data

The other reason marketers are struggling is that they cannot acquire accurate customer data. Without having clear data, it’s nearly impossible for businesses to determine what’s working for their customers and what’s not. 


The best way to start acquiring your customer’s data is to use reporting and analytics tools to calculate the metrics. You can use tools such as:

  • Google Analytics
  • Hubspot Analytics

6. Knowing Your Customers

Knowing your target audience will play a huge role in marketing your products in 2022 and beyond that. SEO and paid advertising will be more competitive in the coming years, so it’s better to know your customers before targeting them.


There are several important tools in the market, like Make My Persona from Hubspot, which simplifies your task for creating a buyer persona. Also, you can create polls through your blogs or social media to get direct answers from your customers.

7. Lack of Industry Awareness

Another marketing challenge numerous businesses face is a lack of industry knowledge and awareness. With such a huge number of new ideas coming every day, it becomes difficult for customers to stay updated with the latest technologies. So how can business owners expect themselves to grow if their target audience is unaware of the solutions they’re providing.


The best way to overcome this problem is to understand your customers and their needs. Your services/products should directly affect their problems and make their life easier. Try to read their challenges and come up with a solution. 


In this digital world, the marketing challenges will never end. A new problem will arise every day, and you should be ready to tackle it. Also, learn about the common SEO mistakes that ruin your strategies

A successful business always comes up with a new solution for every problem that arises. To stay ahead of the competition, you must know your challenges and answers.