Luxury Packaging Design: Process & Inspiring Examples

Would you like to build your brand recognition among your target audience? Would you like to create a long-lasting presence for your brand? Looking for ways to display the expensiveness of your brand? When we talk about the expensive-looking product, Luxury Packaging Design is what you need. Wondering about how to create a luxurious packaging design for your product? This blog is just for you!

In the end, you’ll be able to know how to give your product package a luxurious look. You would also like to learn how does packaging design influence buying behavior.

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Luxury Packaging Design: Understanding the Concept

Think about the Tanishq bracelet packed in a little square box. Beautiful enough to entice the customers. The luxurious look and superior quality of the package add value to the product that can be noticed every time you look at it.

Luxury Packaging Design

Here is another example:

Tiffany Packaging Design


The small blue box of Tiffany and Co. is probably an iconic and the most recognizable element than its classic product inside it. They just created their brand value and experience around their simple yet iconic packaging design.

The idea behind using premium or luxurious product packaging is to trigger a higher level of consumer interest to reflect the higher standards and exclusivity of a brand. You’ll require premium materials custom finishes, fine workmanship, best manufacturing method to give your package such a sumptuous look.

7 Ways to Create Luxury Packaging Design

No doubt, luxury packaging requires high-end materials to make it work the way you want. But that’s not all. Luxury packaging is an experience that helps you make your brand remarkable, i.e, creating something that is worthy of remark making your audience talk about it. It lets your target audience see that your brand is worth more.

If your brand’s packaging is less impressive, you won’t be able to attract such kind of attention.

1. Create Suspense

Make “Creating Suspense” an ultimate goal of your product packaging. Make your customers feel excited right when they see your product. It should trigger a process of user discovery and let them feel like there is something unexpected for them.

2. Premium Shades

Adding a touch of metallic colors like gold and silver shades is an excellent choice. You can try muted colors and matte finishes to make your product look premium.

3. No Need To Shout Out

No need to shout out a lot about your brand on your packaging design. Sometimes, a simple yet remarkable minimalistic touch is enough to make your brand noticed by your customers. Just think of in-store shopping bags at Louis Vuitton.

4. Show Value

Your packaging should be such that feels like VOW. Try to put your efforts into your products that make your customers think that you value their emotions.

5. Excitement

Your packaging design should be such make your customers excited while unboxing your products. You can add such excitement in the form of unique layering in your packaging that they can experience and can get involved emotionally. Learn how to invoke emotions through Emotional Packaging Design.

6. Infuse Low-Pitched Sounds

Whatever packaging you’re using, think about how much noise it creates. Does it create irritating sounds just like opening a plastic shopping bag? Make sure your costumes won’t experience this. Rather, make infuse low-pitched sounds that invoke luxury vibes.

7. Sustainable & Recyclable

Try creating packaging using sustainable materials that can be further recycled. On the other hand, make sure you’re not compromising in terms of cost, performance and safety of your products.

3 Inspiring Examples of Luxury Packaging Design

 Apple iPhone: Rigid Box With a Lid

Apple Packaging Design

A perfect combination of security and style. The sturdy construction can protect your product from being damaged and you can style it up by engraving your brand logo in a smooth finish. Just like Apple did.

Concrete Jungle: Double-Sided Mailer Boxes

Luxury Packaging Design

Here, you can see that Concrete Jungle used double-sided mailer boxes which is quite impressive. Be it a plain box or such mailer boxes, these are the best examples that assure you of product safety. The design on this box is printed with matte foil lamination that offers high-quality printing as well as providing you with a soft touch. You’ll be surprised to experience lots of emotions by unboxing your package. It’ll surely touch your heart!

Buva Boutique: 2-Piece product box

Buva Boutique Packaging

It’s a Romanian brand that produces baby products from organic textiles. The brand created a 2-piece product box for their organic cotton nappies. The box is printed on white cardstock which is perfect for vibrant prints. You can see that the designs are also prompted with high-quality inks so that it won’t fade over time.

What’s one brand that comes to your mind while talking about Luxury Packaging Design?