Getting Creative with Logo Placement on Product Packaging

Product packaging is the face of any brand. Whether it’s your chocolate bar or your flour bag. Product packaging ranges from a number of goods. That includes choices in material; and form, as well as graphics, colors, and fonts, the whole plethora of designs that are used to mark any container. Every little detail is curated and decided well when it comes to packaging.

Well, it’s a practical tool that tells a visual story on its own. When it comes to good design, packaging tells a good story. Conceptualizing, and working towards the product’s story works, through the visual appeal of it all. It’s a sensual experience of sight, touch, taste, and smell. All of these factors come into consideration when we get to buying, or not.

Packaging dictates that your goods arrive on time, and making sure the goods arrive in one piece, and so on. Product packaging is more than just a way to make the journey from the warehouse to your customer’s house. This provides a great chance to create a good and lasting image of your brand as well. This is the most important idea for you right now. Incorporating your brand’s logo into your product packaging design makes a lasting impression when it comes to your brand.

The idea is to explore what makes for good placement beyond boosting brand visibility— to support the brand identity.

The logo is like your brand’s signature. It is necessary to keep in mind that the logo is how your customers remember your brand. The need is to set some standards for your logo, and where is to be placed is necessary as well.

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Choosing a Logo

There are seven different types of logos; Abstract Mark, Mascot Logo, Combination mark, Emblem logo, Lettermark, Pictorial Mark, and Wordmark. Although, all of the above is a combination of typography and images, each type of logo has its own brand story and signatory feel.


Logo Placement on Product Packaging

Basics of Logo Placement

There are logo guidelines which are usually the brand’s rules and regulations about how the logo should and shouldn’t be used. These rules serve as guidelines for the designers, who design various products, graphics, and more using the guidelines as a rulebook. There are several Logo Elements that come to work when it comes to using the components to make up the logo, be it a combination of symbol and wordmark, a symbol, or just a wordmark.

Any and every element requires a certain number of guidelines so that the integrity of the brand isn’t compromised.

Logo Placement Ideas

There are various color variations of the logo which depends on the product packaging as well. Typically, it includes a light and dark version of your logo but some brands also launch various color variations depending on their products.

Logo Color Variations

Some Don’ts to keep a check on.

Following the design guidelines and they’re still several rules you have to keep in mind. Some very important requirements for color, transparency, rotation, and scale. Across several platforms and mediums, there might be several variations distorting the logo as not visible and it would result in damaging your brand signature, vis a vis, the logo.

Logo Placement

Logo placement is a very important aspect of your product and brand. Logo placement plays a psychological aspect as well, the brand’s logo is a recognizable symbol that announces who the brand represents globally. Emotions, experiences connect to a brand and logo. Positive consumer relationships go a long way. Therefore, when it comes to packaging, a dominant and appropriately placed logo is an important design to consider.

1. Top Placement

Top placement shows lead to brand superiority and greater brand importance in the mind of the people.

Top Logo Placement

Kellogg’s Top Placement

2. Center Placement

A center logo creates a form of symmetry in your product. A very basic, easy way to create a balanced look which appeals to the consumer and is easy enough to spot.

Center Logo Placement

Starbuck Center Logo Placement

3. Left Placement

The study reveals that people are likely to remember a left-side logo placement as compared to the right. Many shirt brands, like Lacoste, place their logo on the left side of their T-shirts.


Left Logo Placement

Lacoste with their left logo placement


Getting Creative with Product Packaging

Logo shines best when the product packaging is focused on the product and brand reputation. Leaving a mark on the consumer’s mind to try out, or be intrigued by the packaging. Keeping the logo and brand in mind, get creative and explore different ways you could make the product packaging highlight and shine your logo.

Product Packaging

Quick Kiwi Product Packaging


The same goes for the packaging paper of the product which leaves a mark of remembrance on the consumer. Using your logo aesthetically would make your product stand out and create a statement of power for your brand as well.

Paper Packaging.

The April Bear Paper Packaging


In conclusion, there are a lot of ways one could get creative with the logo placement of the brand on product packaging. Getting creative with the logo makes a statement for your brand to develop positive experiences with the consumer audience. There are also cons to using your logo on the product. Too much stamping of the logo on the product would seem excessive, get smart and creative with logo product packaging and create lasting consumer experiences!