What is a Lead Generation Form and Why Do You Need One?

When your business gradually grows, you realize that collecting information about your potential and existing customers to build your email list is quite essential.

Well, that’s where lead generation forms come into existence. It’s because of the lead generation forms that help you attract your customers and convert them into leads.

Continue reading the article, and we will let you know what lead generation form is and why it’s necessary for your business.

Table of Contents

  • What is a Lead Generation Form?
  • Why Do You Need A Lead Generation Form?
  • How to Create a Lead Generation Form on WordPress
  • Major Elements Needed for Building a Captivating Lead Generation Form

What is a Lead Generation Form?

A lead generation form is like any regular form used to collect data and email addresses from your site visitors or potential customers. There are around 20 lead generation ideas through which you can promote your business. A lead generation form can be a normal contact form, registration form, or newsletter subscription form.

It’s important to set this form and all the elements related to it in the most effective manner. Through this, you can collect email addresses so that you can delight and nurture your leads and ultimately maximize your sales by converting them into paid customers.

Why Do You Need a Lead Generation Form?

Your lead generation form will only help you capture your customer’s data, including their email address. And according to Gregory Ciotti, an email list is the “lifeblood of any successful blog.”

Every day the competition is increasing, and it’s becoming difficult to acquire leads and send traffic to your business website. It’sIt’s becoming much harder to engage your customers with your marketing campaigns. This means you need to create content that users want to see and find helpful. Such content will increase your engagement with your users. Not to forget that you need to work twice or thrice upon your ideas to nurture your leads for building excellent marketing campaigns.

So asking for the email address and other valuable data from your website visitors on a plain simple form will not work. You need to create an attractive and appealing lead generation form with some incentives to get more qualified leads.

The three significant benefits of a lead generation form are:

  • It provides important customer data which you can use further in retargeting similar users through social media.
  • Lead Generation form also helps you reflect on your brand identity and create brand awareness.
  • It helps in converting your visitors into customers and ultimately boosts your business.

How To Create a Lead Generation Form on WordPress?

Having a lead generation form on your WordPress websites, especially when you’re looking to keep in touch with your readers, is remarkably important. If you’re offering any kind of product or service, forms are crucial to acquiring leads.

Create Lead Generation Forms with Ninja Forms

Ninja Forms makes your task super simple in crafting amazing forms effortlessly right in your WordPress dashboard. There are three options for effectively creating a lead generation form on WordPress.

1. Shortcode

Ninja form shortcode

Select the builder and navigate to Forms > All Forms in your dashboard. Under this section, you’ll see all the forms that you’ve created. Simply copy and paste the shortcode on any page where you want your form to be displayed. The form will then start appearing there.

2. Append a Ninja Form Box

Ninja Form Box

Select the particular page in your dashboard where you want to create a form. Open that page and you’ll see a box labeled as “Append a Ninja Form” on the right-hand side. Choose the form that you want to create from the dropdown menu and it will automatically be added to that particular page.

3. Ninja Forms Widget

In your WordPress dashboard select Appearance > Widgets where you’ll find the Ninja Forms widget as one option. You can select to place any form of your choice into the sidebar, content top, or content bottom using the widget.

Download Ninja Forms

Major Elements Needed for Building A Captivating Lead Generation Form

There are several elements that you must surely include in your lead generation form to maximize your lead conversion rates.

1. Design

The form you’re building for capturing leads should have an appealing design to grab the user’s attention. You should also take care of your business’s information, color patterns, and never forget to mention your brand’s logo on your lead generation form.

2. Special Offer

A special and unique offer will increase your chance of obtaining your leads. No user wants to give their email address without getting any bonuses in return. It can be anything like an e-book, free trial of any service, or invitation for a free webinar. You must offer any useful and valuable thing that can convince users to enter their email.

3. Placement

Please ensure that your form is not spammy or annoying. It must be visible and easy to find on your website. You can also set pop-up form but only after a certain interval when the user has scrolled down a bit of your main content. Make sure that your pop-up is something regarding your landing page and has a good offer in it.

4. Form Fields

The lead generation form you’re creating for your prospects should be easy to fill out. You should clearly explain all the form fields apart from the name and email address that why you need them to be filled. Using form analytics can help you see what form fields are performing well and what holds your customer back.

5. Call To Action

The call to action or CTA is the final call to convince your visitor to enter their email address and sign in for your email list. It should be creative and unique, clearing all the user’s doubts and forcing them to take action. Convincing your prospect is the most challenging part of a marketing strategy. If you clearly know your target audience and business persona, building a consistent and convincing CTA becomes much easier.

6. Autoresponder

Setting an automatic response to your lead generation form is an action that can maximize your lead conversion. With such autoresponders, you can thank your customer for joining your email list, reminding them of their next tasks, and informing them that their submission was successful.


So now it’s time for you to start collecting your leads with the help of lead generation form. It’s one of the most powerful ways of acquiring leads and taking your business to the next level. With lead generation forms, you can effectively grow your email list, nurture them, provide valuable content, and finally convert them into a buyer.