Importance of Images in Package Design

To convey a brand to your audience, you need colors, images, and typography. You must have a deep understanding of the right combination of all of these, your target audience, target market, and organization goals. All these sorts of things can really help you express the personality of your brand. But, here, in this blog, the whole topic will revolve around the role of images. So, if I ask what’s the importance of images in Package Design, what would you say?

Well…a thoughtfully designed image highlights what the product looks like. It’s the first thing that people notice. The image on the packaging design will represent your brand and your products. Hence, it’s vital to pick the image that clearly states what the product is actually about.

Table of content:

  • Importance of images in packaging design
  • Types of Images You Can Use on Product Package
  • How to Present Images on Packaging

Importance of Images in Package Design

Think about a person who is illiterate. He goes to the market to buy a hair oil. And, you’re one of the hair oil manufacturing companies. Your product is placed on the shelf next to your competitors’ product in the shopping mall. How would you ensure that he will pick your product? Obviously…you need to grab his attention. And, you can do this through creative visuals on your product package.

But that’s not the only case. Even if your potential customers are literate, they won’t pay attention to the typography at first. But images can grab their eyeballs. No wonder in saying that the packaging with images communicates with consumers successfully. Therefore, the images used in packaging design should correlate with the story and the message of the product and brand.

Types of Images You Can Use on Product Package

There are two types of images you can use on your product packaging design.

  • Photos: Real photos make the product clear and understandable for consumers.
  • Illustration: You can use different techniques to create illustrations that look like the real thing or different at all.

And, if you want, you may use both photos and illustrations on your packaging design.

How to Present Images on Packaging

You can present your creative images in the following ways:

1. An image that shows the product’s benefit:

Product Benefit

Complan is a powdered milk energy drink that provides high-quality nutrition to children. As you can see that the packaging design displays an image of a child’s increasing height which is the main benefit of having this energy drink.

2. An image that shows the end result

Importance of Images in Packaging Design

This is Tata Tea Gold. As you can see that the product package displays a cup of tea. The image clearly shows how your tea color will be once you made it. That’s how you can also display the end result of using the product on the package.

3. Using the Mascot as Presenter


Using mascots on the product package is the most interesting way to grab the eyeballs of your audience. See the Poko Chan on the package of MamyPoko Pants. It is cute enough to appeal to your customers to stop and explore the package.

4. Using Images of Influencers


You can take advantage of the huge fan following of Influencers. You can collaborate with them and do a photo shoot for the packaging of your product. Just like Hindustan Uniliver did for one of its products “Fair & Lovely” which is now “Glow & Lovely”.

5. Only Brand Logo

You may also use only the brand logo on your product package. See the example of Tanishq Jewellery Brand in the above image.

Brand Logo

These are only a few ideas. Obviously, when it comes to designing a product package, the sky is the limit. So, keep exploring…