How to Use Live Streaming to Build a Brand

When it comes to reaching customers and spreading brand awareness, marketers tend to find out new ways for product promotion. Not a single strategy or technology is effective for all businesses. Everyone requires a marketing strategy that aligns with their business goals and helps them engage their audience with their brand. And, in order to come up with a better brand marketing strategy, it is recommended to keep all marketing trends at your fingertips. Live Streaming is such an emerging digital marketing trend these days. Don’t know how to use live streaming to build a brand?

Don’t worry! Just sit back, relax, and go through this blog till the end. You’ll be surprised to know exciting ideas on using live streaming to build your brand.

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According to the TechJury, a team of software experts,

Surprising live streaming statistics! Isn’t it?

What Should You Live Stream?

So, without falling behind the curve, you can still be in touch with your audience live. No matter where you are, you can talk to them and learn what they are passionate about.

If you’re running out of inspiring live streaming ideas, let us help you find the best one?.

  • Behind-the-scenes– Engage your target audience with a behind-the-scenes tour of your office/studio.
  • Live Q&A Session– What’s better than resolving the doubts of your customers live and strengthening relationships with them? The best way to make your customers loyal to your brand.
  • Announcements and celebrations– Not everyone can attend your event. The reasons can be many! Why don’t you give them an opportunity to join you live in your events? Obviously, you wouldn’t like to miss out on even a single chance to engage them with your brand.
  • Product Demonstration– Before making a purchase decision, your target customers would like you to demonstrate your product features and how to use your product in the best way possible.
  • Your Expertise– Do you have a cool set of tips on your subject matter expertise? Do you wish to share your experience of brand collaborations? Either way, your audience will be pleased to get such knowledgeable stuff from the experts like you.
  • Spark interest with quizzing– Get ready with a bunch of relevant questions that revolve around your brand. Engage your audience by asking them these questions and encouraging them to give their humorous response. Make sure the quiz is interesting enough to entertain your audience.
  • Interview your current customers– Encourage your current customers to share their experience with your products with your audience.

Top 8 Live Streaming Platforms

Wondering about what’s the best platform for live streaming your brand? Here are a couple of solutions that you can go with to broadcast a conversation, performance, Q&A, or virtual event.

1. Facebook Live

Facebook allows you to go live on a page, in a group or an event, and in people’s Newsfeeds.


Facebook live

Check out this quick guide here.

2. Instagram Live

Are your viewers most active on Instagram? Let’s engage them with an exciting live streaming experience through Instagram Live Stream!

Instagram live

Check out this quick guide here

3. YouTube Live

Reach your community in real-time and interact with them using live chat with YouTube Live Streaming. Even you can also share the link to your live stream across social media platforms using YouTube’s SHARE tool.

Youtube Live

Check out this quick guide here.

4. Periscope

Try Periscope, an American live video streaming app for Android and iOS, for live streaming. The best platform that helps brands and businesses move forward.


Try it here

5. Dacast

Another online video hosting and live streaming platform, you can try your hands on.


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6. Wowza Streaming Engine

Wowza Streaming Engine is another customizable and flexible live streaming platform that lets you stream ream all media types.


Try it here

7. Twitch

If your big chunk of audience belongs to the gaming industry, Twitch can be the best video hosting and live streaming platform to try.


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8. Brightcove

Explore live streaming, video portals, analytics, network optimization, domain restriction, social publishing, marketing automation, and a lot more with Brightcove.


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How to Use Live Streaming to Build a Brand

Ready for learning how to live stream successfully? Follow the steps below to build a brand using Live Streaming:

1. Plan Your Live Stream Event

Think about your target audience. Plan your event based on their time zones and holidays.

Thoroughly research your live stream topics and create your event title.

Pick an optimal location to broadcast your live stream.

2. Choose Your Live Stream Platform

Pick the platform that you think can most likely draw the attention of your audience. You can choose from any video streaming and hosting platform discussed above as per your business need.

3. Organize the Best Live Streaming Equipment

Be ready with your hardware. It’s hard to recommend which equipment will work best for you. It totally depends on your requirements and budget. Although it’s better to have the following equipment for better performance:

  • Internet-Ready Camera: It can be your smartphone, built-in webcam, an external webcam, or anything else that you’re comfortable with.
  • Tripod Or Stabilizer: To keep your camera steady.
  • Broadcast Software: To go live on all relevant platforms.
  • Strong internet Connection: To ensure your stream doesn’t cut off.

4. Create A “Script”

It’s always nice to draft a rough script mentioning what you want to talk about. This will help keep you on track. So, if, in case, you feel like you’ve gone off on a massive tangent, you can come back to the right track.

5. Promote your live stream

Once you’re done with your planning and setup, promote your upcoming live streaming event. With a little bit of effort, you can easily promote your event, for example:

  • You can create a landing page where the interested audience can get enrolled.
  • Talk about your upcoming live streaming show beforehand on every social media platform. Publish a blog post on it and share the links across all platforms.
  • Engage your existing audience through newsletters.
  • Ask your followers to promote it to their friends.

6. Prep any guest speakers

To avoid an awkward and dumbfounded silence in between live streaming, it’s better that your guests are ready with possible and satisfactory answers to the questions that might be asked by viewers.

7. Test your audio and internet connection

To avoid any technical clutter while live streaming, make sure that everything is working fine. If possible, be ready with an extra microphone and batteries on hand. Choose a network connection that can handle your live stream project.

8. Social media monitoring

Live streaming allows viewers to join the conversation and comment in real-time. So, make sure you have a strong plan to engage them. Your viewers might respond every moment while you’re streaming, hence, it’s advisable to have a team ready for social media listening and monitoring.

One better way to do that is to encourage your viewers to preface their queries with your branded hashtag. This way, it will become easier for you to address all the queries.

Social media marketing trends you would like to explore.

What to do after your live stream ends?

Woo! Congratulations! You just finished your first live stream.?

How was your experience? Don’t worry if it’s a mixture of good and bad. In the end, you’ll have something in your hand!

Make sure you follow the below-mentioned best practices once you’re done with your live streaming:

  • Listen to what your viewers are responding to through comments. Don’t leave them unanswered.
  • Encourage your viewers to provide you with their feedback.
  • Don’t forget to save your live stream video to your video library. This will help your viewers to play a recorded version if they missed your live stream.
  • Last but not the least, pen down the points you did well, the points you need to work on, and the points you need to improve.

What’s Next?

It’s always recommended to follow up with your attendees and thank them for their valuable time. And, if you have any plans to come up with another live stream event in the future, make sure to give them a head’s up about it.

So, this is how you can use live streaming to build a brand and generate qualified leads. What’s your plan? Do share your opinion with us.

Stay tuned!