How To Generate Leads Through Social Media?

Social media is an ocean overflowing with data. This data is invaluable for businesses when it comes to finding out potential customers and retaining existing ones. However, extracting relevant details from this ocean requires several strategic practices.

Generating leads in the simplest form is a matter of exchange, where the currency used is personal information. Therefore, you need to ensure that your offer is valuable enough for the users to share their data in exchange.

Let us walk you through a few practices on how to generate leads through social media.       

Table of Content: 

  • Optimize Your Profile
  • Design Effective Landing Pages
  • Create Engaging Content
  • Conduct Contests and Giveaways
  • Offer Gated Content
  • Use Social Media Ads

Optimize Your Profile

Your profile is effectively the face of your brand’s digital identity. Thus, you need to optimize your profile for a smooth user experience. A user-friendly system will ensure maximum interaction with the profile. 

Make sure the user finds a clear call to action on all of your social media handles. It will help them reach your lead magnet in just a few clicks. Also, provide your contact information to resolve any queries regarding your product.   

Always use the given tools on every platform to redirect your audience. The bio link feature on Instagram, Linked In, and Twitter is a handy tool. You can even use the customizable CTA buttons on Facebook and Instagram.

Design Effective Landing Pages

Once your profile leads the user to your landing page, the user must find the desired content with ease.

Your page, therefore, must be scannable, clean, and personalized. Only the relevant information about the promised content should be visible. Otherwise, the user is likely to leave the website within a few seconds.

Ask the minimum number of questions possible when asking for information. Also, try to include the least sensitive details. You can improve your chances at generating leads by partially pre-filling the form if possible.  

Create Engaging Content

Your profile cannot be all about selling your product or service. You need to create engaging content that adds value.

Firstly, find out the topics that are relevant to your product or service. Thereafter, share your expert insights via your posts. For example, consider you are a flour mill advertising your products on Instagram. A reel on the process of creating wheat flour or a short recipe would then make some interesting content for your audience.

Sharing valuable content will help you widen your reach. Moreover, it will enhance both the quality and quantity of your leads. 

Conduct Contests and Giveaways

There’s no better motivation for an individual to share their details than a rewarding contest.

Just create a registration form for the contest and ask people to enter a few details. You can even ask the participants to share the link to the contest, as a part of the contest itself.

Thus, a contest is one of the sure-shot ways of generating leads. However, a lot of the participants might be interested in the prize alone and not your product. Therefore, all the generated leads might not be relevant. So, you will have to filter the collected leads.     

Offer Gated Content

Just like a prize in a contest, some practical limited access content can also act as a nice motivation for your audience to share their contact details.

Access to an insightful news-letter, e-book, webinar, etc in exchange for a few details is a lucrative deal for many. Thus, you can offer such content through links or CTA buttons on your profile on different platforms.  

The leads generated via such content are also quite relevant since they show interest in topics relevant to your product.   

Use Social Media Ads

Even though this method involves some investment, it is pretty useful if you have tried and exhausted all the organic ways.

Almost all the major social media platforms offer specific ads for generating leads.

  • Facebook and Instagram promote partially pre-filled forms in their leads ad feature.
  • LinkedIn provides the Lead Gen forms feature, which similarly uses the profile information to fill forms for the user’s ease.
  • YouTube also offers lead generation ads, where you can set your goal to “leads” while creating an ad.

Thus, designing your social media ad campaigns specifically to collect leads can help boost your lead collection.   


The simplest answer to “How to generate leads?” is “by creating strong systems”. Generating leads for your business through social media really needs a bunch of systems in place. Make sure your complete system from social media profiles and website to email delivery and follow-ups is in sync.

Create click-worthy content that grabs the users’ attention. Try to add value rather than blindly promoting your product every time.

You should keep revisiting and changing your tactics as per the latest features and trends.