How To Use Rustic Packaging In Your Branding

Ultimate sophistication is in simplicity and nothing is better proof than rustic packaging. Over the past few years, rustic packaging has been on the rise. It may be the food industry or homemade handicrafts, all of them are turning towards cardboard packaging. Rustic packaging combines cardboard, brown papers, and woods which can be associated with the earthy tones found in nature. These minimalist packaging designs will help you create the perfect packaging for your product. 

Rustic packaging emphasizes natural and rugged beauty to attract the attention of potential customers. These designs include a lot of wood inspirations and toned warm colours. You will mostly see wood imitations in print, cloth pieces on jar lids and shades of brown in patterns. Given below are some ideas you can implement for your rustic packaging designs.

Use Warm And Wooden Colors

The philosophy behind rustic designs is that “less is more”. These designs implement this philosophy by choosing only brown or shades of brown as colours. While viewing most rustic designs you will notice that they use characteristic fonts in black and craft paper. Most companies use rustic packaging to emphasize a subtle Christmas-themed design. Red, white and green are the leading colours in Christmas design, brown add the perfect contrast and balance to your packaging. If you wish to create a rustic design, you can use some warmer shades of green, brown, milky white, or beige.

Use A Sticker

Stickers are becoming an important part of rustic packaging. They help give valuable information to customers. You can redesign your logo to make it more festive during certain occasions. You can add a diya if you are branding for Diwali, or a pine tree if you are targeting Christmas.

Use Brown Paper Bags

Brown paper bags are the perfect addition to your rustic packaging sets. If you’re a retail store or a restaurant owner, you know the value of individuals walking in the streets with branded bags. Using paper bags as a complementary part of your packaging routine is a great idea. The natural brown colour creates a minimalist design which allows you to add the logo in simple text. 

Advantages Of Using Rustic Packaging

  1. Popular: These designs create an illusion of simplicity around them. Rustic designs are reminiscent of family-run businesses. This packaging gives your business the trustworthiness and authenticity that makes people believe that your business is better. 
  2. Trendy: Rustic packaging helps print a desirable picture of life for someone who uses these products. Individuals who use products with rustic packaging tend to live simpler lives and often care about flashy things. This might be farther from the truth, but creating feelings is an important aspect of effective packaging. This is what makes rustic packaging trendy. 
  3. Environmental Friendly: Rustic design allows you to skip plastic in favour of renewable products like cardboard, paper, a plant-based material, and wood. These are biodegradable and contribute less to the pollution of the ecosystem.  

Rustic Packaging Examples

1. Drinks By The Dram

Drink by the Dram chose to use traditional cardboard style boxes, coupled with matching insert to hold their small spirit bottles in place.

drinks by dramThis example of packaging design complements all the natural ingredients used to make the drinks, and the packaging offers a minimalist charm and emulates their earthy branding.

2. L’Oreal

The ‘Rouge Signature’ series of lipsticks offer an unusual design for cosmetics packaging. They chose a simple brown cardboard box with a large red text that jumps out at you. This shows how you can beautify your packaging with just your font choices. L’Oreal’s packaging design signifies what their brand is all about, which is enhancing their customer’s natural beauty. 


There is more to rustic packaging than just using a cardboard box. It is like a blank canvas and ties all the elements of your brand’s image together. If you can get the packaging design correct, you will be able to increase the value of your brand and help create links with your customer. 


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