Bring Brands To Life With Emotional Packaging Design

Whether you realize it or not, I must say that emotional packaging design is the most important aspect of marketing that can’t be ignored. It helps your customers make the right choices in the market where hundreds of other products are already trying to grab the attention of your customers. But keep in mind that your product packaging must be balanced with emotional as well as rational aspects.

According to Don Norman, an American researcher, professor, and author, there are three levels of emotions, i.e., visceral, behavioral, and reflective. You can use target them while designing a product package:

  • Visceral. It is automatic and we are born with it. It’s all about the likes, dislikes, views we have for things. For example, one could have a taste of modern style interior design or one could have a taste of contemporary one. Another example could be is that sweet things are preferred over bitter ones.
  • Behavioral which says how we use something. How we learn to understand and predict something. Does it feel good?
  • Reflective which is the conscious. We think back about what we did, whether we liked it or didn’t like it, we evaluate.

The design is all about fitting people’s needs. Sometimes we need something whether it really works well or not. And, sometimes, we want something that just makes us feel good. For example, a fashion model would love to buy a pair of heels which is very uncomfortable to walk but she likes the way it changes her personality. So, we need a balance between the functional and emotional aspects.

Can product packaging be emotionally engaging?

Well…Yes, it can!

Among so many choices available in the market, a consumer tends to pick the one that makes him feel good, but at the same time, is also rational. Just think about the last product you bought from the market! Did it make you feel excited or have fun?

The package design should be such that delights your customer with an experience to remember and share. Consider the example below.

Emotional Packaging Design

See the packaging design displaying a couple kissing each other and the product name in the center on a red background with golden stripes on the side says it all. Amazing enough to captivate the audience’s mind.

Emotional Packaging Design Ideas

Now, let’s consider some packaging elements that can tap into your buyer’s emotional side.

1. Capture the Emotions with Colors

Things that are visually different tend to capture the attention first. Colors can help create such a focus. The color you select should create an appropriate emotional association. For example, the red color is associated with love, passion, anger, and action whereas the blue can be used to relate with tranquility, trust, coolness, and stability. Similarly, yellow is associated with happiness, and so on…

Make sure whatever color you select, should reinforce your brand identity.

2. KISS— Keep It Simple and Stupid

Cue direct-message packaging. Identify the problem and provide them with a solution in a straight-to-the-point approach. No need to be fussy!

See the example below:


Image source: Garnier. in

Those who are looking for a quick solution to lighten their spots can try this fair solution. The message “Lighten Spots in 1 Week” clearly defines the problem and its solution in one line.

3. Texture— Give It a Touch

Your customer, if they found it attractive or unique, can pick it up to take a closer look. Here is where the texture or the touch plays a key role. Make sure the touch is making them feel good. It can be like a smooth matte or soft and fluffy texture or anything else that appeals to your consumers to keep in touch again and again.

Besides, your packaging texture should be such that reflects what’s inside. For example, choosing a product material with an earthy texture will be the right choice if you’re selling a natural product.

4. Font Choice In Packaging Design

Whatever message you would like to give to your customers through packaging design, you’ll require to select an appropriate font that is clear and attractive.

Each Font also has some sort of meaning attached to it. You can’t just use any font style to deliver your message. For example, if you intend to showcase prestige, elegance, and maturity in your message, Fancy Script Fonts would be an ideal choice. If you intend to bring some casualty or playfulness to your message, go with Hand Script fonts.

Consider the example below:


Taste the thunder

Image source: Youtube

The Thums Up tagline says “Taste the Thunder”. And, the typography reflects the same energy as the brand tagline says.

5. Witty or Absurd?

Inject some humor to build connections with your customers. But make sure those humor won’t become absurd jokes.

Consider the example below:


Mad Angles

The Bingo snacks were launched by the ITC company. And, the “Mad Angles Chaat Masti” says it all with fun. Clean packaging design without any absurdness.

Ready to evoke emotion?

So, how you’re going to set the mood of your customers? Remember, when your customers are in the market, this is the right time you can really entice them through attractive packaging design. And, this can’t be done without infusing strong emotions in it. What do you think? Is your product packaging design emotional enough that can build a strong connection between your brand and your customers? Share your opinions in the comment section below.