Is Digital Marketing Helpful to Local Businesses?

When small businesses kickstart, their focus is often on how to attract customers to their business. They may rely on traditional forms of marketing and advertising but every business now needs to have its online presence. If businesses don’t dive into creating their online presence, they may miss out on potential customers. Here is why online presence for a business is important.

  • With easier accessibility of the internet, the number of internet users is rising day by day which increases the chances of sales for a business.
  • 93% of all website traffic comes from searches.
  • 82% of people do an online search before deciding to purchase a product.
  • 50% of consumers are inclined towards a particular brand if its name constantly appears during the search.

The above-mentioned points indicate how businesses need to have an online presence and do digital marketing which can positively impact their business.

Before we move ahead, let’s understand ‘What is Digital Marketing?’.

What is Digital Marketing

Digital Marketing is the modern way of marketing by which brands and businesses can market their products and services online. It uses various strategies to connect the business with the customers. Digital Marketing offers various methods that can be easily used by a local business to build its online presence. It includes Search Engine Optimization, Pay-Per-Click, content marketing, social media marketing, etc.

As a business that is marketing online, you have the power to choose from various digital channels like content marketing, email marketing, etc to develop awareness about your business. The performance of each channel can be tracked and measured which makes it easy to evaluate the progress of the company.

How is Digital Marketing Helpful to Local Businesses?

Equal Opportunity

Digital marketing provides equal growth opportunities to every business, no matter how big or small. With digital marketing, not only the big multinational companies but also the local businesses can leverage social media to build a name for themselves. They can easily withstand tough competition online with full-proof digital marketing strategies that drive positive growth to the business.


Digital marketing doesn’t require a lot of investment. Local businesses can find a digital channel that works well for their business and doesn’t require a large amount of investment. Thus, digital marketing is cost-effective which fits well into the low budget of a local business.


Conversions can be easily tracked on a digital medium in terms of leads and sales. On top of that, digital marketing has a higher conversion rate as compared to other forms of marketing. Therefore, it is advised that local businesses should invest in digital marketing and prepare strong digital strategies that may lead to higher conversions.

Increases Revenue

A successful digital marketing strategy provides more conversion opportunities. As the conversion rate increases, so does the revenue generated. Companies that use digital marketing generate 78% more business as compared to the companies that do not. An amalgamation of all the various digital marketing methods leads to increased chances of high conversion rate which increases revenue.

Increases Business Reputation

Every business aims to attract customers. Digital marketing does the same and you can aim to gain maximum possible views and clicks to your website or any other digital channel. As views increase, people start to recognize your business, and if you offer the right services or products, the reputation of your business increases. This also helps in winning the trust of your customers.

Target the Right Audience

With digital marketing, a local business can target a specific segment of people globally with ease. With techniques like email marketing, social media marketing, etc., you can target specific people that can bring sales for your business. Therefore, digital marketing is considered an effective plus personalized form of marketing.

Influences Customers

Customer loyalty and digital marketing go hand in hand. With different digital marketing strategies in effect, a local business can target customers and lure them into purchasing something. If the customer likes the product, it increases the chance of customer retention and ultimately leads them to be business loyal. Digital marketing uses different digital techniques that hold the power to influence the buying decision of a customer. For example, CTAs (Call-to-Actions) guide the user on what to do next after going through some kind of content on a digital medium.


Digital marketing is exceptionally helpful when it comes to boosting the sales of a local business. With the right digital marketing strategies in place, local businesses can drive conversions to their business and attract potential customers. Hence, if wanting to grow your local business consider using digital marketing services.