Top 5 Copywriting Trends to Watch in 2022

The most important part of any marketing strategy is great copywriting. ‘Copy’ is a brand’s voice and how it communicates with customers. Poor copywriting might halt engagement completely. Great copywriting, on the other hand, may elevate a brand and transform the course of a business.

Trends in copywriting might alter over time. Many organizations try to keep up with the latest trends in order to establish credibility and value, as well as to demonstrate to their customers that they are indispensable.

With evolving technology and consumer behavior, it becomes important for every brand to revisit its marketing strategy. As a result, even copywriters have to keep themselves updated with current copywriting trends. Continue reading to learn more about the latest copywriting trends for 2022.

Table of contents:

  • Why Is Copywriting So Important For Businesses?
  • Top 5 Copywriting Trends In 2022
    • Check out New SEO Updates
    • Take Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) seriously.
    • Keep Same Tone Across Platforms
    • Give A Personal Touch
    • Focus On Video Copywriting

Why Is Copywriting So Important For Businesses?

The term “copywriting” refers to the process of creating written content. This might be for a website, a brochure, a product description, or any other type of brand advertising. A copywriter’s goal is to persuade customers to buy a company’s product or service.

A skilled copywriter utilizes language to persuade people to purchase from the brand rather than directly telling them to do so. A skillful copywriting always demonstrates how a particular brand’s products will add value to their target audience’s lives and make their lives easier.

In other words, suitable copywriting across the platforms can become a strong voice of the brand which directly communicates to the target audience, and hence, good copywriting can be a great asset to the brand.

Top 5 Copywriting Trends In 2022

1. Check Out New SEO Updates

SEO evolves year after year, and with big changes to Google’s search engine algorithm, the emphasis is now on content quality rather than quantity.

Copywriting in 2022 is about focusing on developing authoritative content that addresses a brand’s client base’s pain concerns. Unique material distributed through high-quality websites is a sure-fire strategy to boost the brand’s SEO-friendly content.

Algorithms today are significantly more complicated. Copywriters must be innovative in order to succeed. Google claims to reward exceptional, high-quality content, making skilled copywriters more important than ever.

2. Take Machine Learning and AI (Artificial Intelligence) seriously.

In today’s era of technology, there are a handful of good AI software programs that evaluate and write amazing copy, and many brands are considering utilizing them. Especially with tiny businesses with minimal resources.

An algorithm is used to create AI copywriting. Algorithms are fantastic for automation and have good accuracy and predictive capability, but they can’t take the place of humans.

Copywriters should work to improve the scripts and interpersonal language used by AI, such as chatbots if businesses want to improve their usage of AI in content. Customers don’t necessarily want their interactions with bots to feel artificial, even if they are aware that they are talking with one.

3. Keep The Same Tone Across Platforms

Consistency in communication will be one of the prominent factors in copywriting in 2022. Businesses can not expect a devoted and engaged audience if consumers think that brands talk to them differently across various channels.

In other words, the tone of voice brands use on their websites should be consistent with the tone of speech they use on social media and in personalized emails. It appears simple, but it is not. If companies opt to outsource the service, they should use the same copywriter for all copy-related assignments.

4. Give a Personal Touch

Highly personalized and engaging content will continue to be one of the copywriting trends in 2022. With the help of Artificial Intelligence (AI), copywriters can easily generate copies according to an individual’s preferences. This can help brands in getting more engagement online.

Integrating interactive elements such as polls, quizzes, or gamified information on the website will set it apart from sites that only inform rather than engage. Gamified material has been a popular approach for businesses to develop their target demographic as consumer markets have improved in recent years.

This trend is really not going anywhere anytime soon, and some more copywriters may even establish a niche in writing high-quality interactive material for brands in 2022.

5. Focus On Video Copywriting

Video is becoming a more important content medium, as videos now account for over 82 per cent of the most popular kinds of material. Hence, copywriters will need to capitalize on this trend in 2022. It could be simply a few words that brands send, but they must be the perfect ones.

This could entail producing more video material or collaborating with videographers to create entertaining and educational videos. Combining video and blog material can help businesses reach a larger audience while also helping each other grow.

Writing, modifying, and integrating captions or subtitles in videos is just as important as crafting interesting screenplays for video marketing campaigns. Particularly on YouTube, where it aids SEO and receives bonus points from social media algorithms.


Copywriting is one of the most important parts of marketing for brands. Copywriting, like every other part of the business, has its own trends and evolves with time. Copywriters must therefore stay up with current trends in order to maintain the brand ahead of the competition by influencing target consumers.

The top five copywriting trends discussed in this article will assist copywriters in effectively utilizing current trends. In the end, copywriting will never cease, but it will continue to evolve.