What Made boAt India’s No. 1 Earwear Audio Brand?

In the last few years, the demand for headphones and earphones has skyrocketed.

There are numerous companies that offer their customers a wide range of mobile phone accessories. One of the most well-known companies, boAt, is an Indian audio-tech company that primarily focuses on wireless speakers, smartwatches, headsets, and earphones.

In this blog, we will discuss boAt’s branding strategy and how it has established itself as one of the most popular consumer electronics brands in India through its prominent leading and high-quality products.

Table of Content:

  • The unbeatable journey of boAt
  • Who are boAtheads (the customer segment)?
  • Strategies that made boAt legendary

The Unbeatable Journey of boAt

In just over eight years, boAt has grown to become one of India’s leading suppliers of wireless speakers and earphones.

How did they manage to get there? Let’s find out!

The founders, Aman Gupta, one of the biggest sharks of Shark Tank India, and Sameer Mehta, a passionate audiophile, discovered that the coolest people in our land were looking for affordable, durable, and ultra-fashionable audio products to groove to during one of their many explorations.

They wanted to establish a company dedicated to bringing high-quality audio products to the Indian market. As a result, they embarked on a grand voyage into Indian consumer waters in 2014.

They did, however, face numerous challenges in the beginning. But, with a series of new products and a strong social media presence, they eventually gained traction and success. The company expanded its product line to include earbuds, headphones, smart watches, wireless speakers, and other high-quality items.

Several factors distinguish boAt from other audio electronics companies in India. Customers wanted products that were affordable and offered top-notch audio quality. Hence, boAt is committed to innovation and is constantly introducing new products that meet the needs of its customers.

Secondly, they have a strong marketing strategy and effectively use social media, such as by appointing youth icon ‘Kiara Advani’ to advertise their products. Finally, they take a customer-focused approach and are always available to assist their customers with any problems they may be experiencing.

Some of the funds received by the company were as follows:

  1. Kanwaljit Singh of Fireside Ventures invested $60 million in the company in 2018. Singh was impressed by the founders’ ability to spot white spots, product quality, and appropriate targeting.
  2. Warburg Pincus, a private equity firm based in New York, invested $100 million in boAt for a significant minority stake.
  3. Qualcomm Ventures contributed INR 50 crore to the company’s valuation of INR 2,200 crore.

Who are boAtheads (Customer Segment of boAT)?

boAt refers to its customers as ‘boAtheads.’ All buyers who purchase any boAt accessories become members of the ever-expanding clan. The term ‘boAthead’ conveys a sense of belongingness to users.

From the beginning, boAt was focused on the youth and millennials, who focused on fitness. The company designed all of its products with this target audience in mind. They realized there was a growing demand for indestructible products and began developing them.

Furthermore, by appointing sportsmen to promote their products, they attempted to capture the attention of their target audience through various extraordinary advertisements. For example:

boAT marketing strategy

Strategies that made boAt a legendary brand

There is no single success mantra and boAt is no exception. However, they developed their approach in the beginning by projecting themselves as a lifestyle brand and continued to improve from there.

Several factors contribute to the success of boAt. Let’s discuss them.

1. Innovations and a customer-first approach

The company believes in closely observing user needs and developing products in response. Its first product was an indestructible charging cable and charger for Apple. The product was created after the founders recognised the need for it.

Sanjeev Mehta said, “The Apple cable used to break near the charging end (near the connectors). People used to make do, by taping over it. So, we launched a tough, braided cable, with a life cycle of 10,000 bends”.

Over the last three years, some key insights have been that people are increasingly looking for sports and fall-proof headphones, and that boAt’s products were becoming boring. As a result, the startup introduced fall-proof headphones and interesting color options for their products.

2. Portrayal as a lifestyle brand

Rather than calling itself a consumer electronics brand, the company positions itself as a lifestyle brand.

boAT Cofounder Aman Gupta

This strategy was on display at the 2019 Lakmé Fashion Week in Mumbai, where models wore only boAt products as they walked down the runway for one of the designers. The portrayal of boAt as a lifestyle brand creates an image in the user’s mind that boAt products can be used anywhere, whether you’re sweating in the gym or commuting on a bus.

3. Constantly updating catalog

Following the release of the unbreakable Apple charging cable and charger, boAt’s second product was an audio line that included earphones. The company used critical consumer insight to determine that Indians adore bass. The first headphones of boAt were BassHeads.

BoAt introduced speakers in 2018, followed by soundbars and home audio systems in 2019. In January 2022, boAt launched:

  • boAt Airdopes 111.
  • boAt Airdopes 181 TWS.
  • boAt Airdopes 601.
  • boAt Watch Matrix smartwatch

4. Right Targeting

The company offers fashionable and reasonably priced products that appeal to young people. Furthermore, the brand ambassadors are all young people. Much of the buzz surrounding boAt can be attributed to its brand ambassadors, who represent two of India’s most popular passions (and obsessions): Bollywood and Cricket.

The company even creates products specifically for teenagers. Sports Earphones and Bluetooth Speakers, for example, have piqued the interest of India’s increasingly fitness-conscious millennials. Customers select accessories that complement their workouts, trails, hikes, and overall adventurous lifestyle.

5. Online Marketing

To market its products, the company relied solely on the internet. The brand has avoided traditional media such as television and print. Their campaigns have mostly been run on Facebook and other such social media platforms. One of the founders stated that millennials are mostly online, which is why their focus is also there.

Pankaj Mirchandani, the managing partner at Rhythm Corner Alaknanda (RCA), a marketer and distributor of electronics in India, says, “What has worked for boAt is the community of fans they have built online, which is quite commendable”.


It has been 8 years since boAt was founded, and in that time, it has captured the world of electronic gadgets in a graceful manner. It has established itself as the world’s fifth-largest wearables brand and the number one audio earwear brand in India.

boAt has achieved enormous success by properly implementing all branding strategies and carefully selecting its target audience, and it will get bigger and better in the future.