What is a Buy Box and How To Win a Buy Box?

Amazon covers almost one-third of the online retail market, and nearly 82% of its sales come from the buy box button. 

If your product listing does not have a buy box, you’re going to lose a significant part of your sales. It is very mandatory to improve listing quality on Amazon

Continue reading the blog, and we’ll let you know what exactly the Buy Box is and how to win it for your listing and increase your sales, drastically. 

Table of Content

  • What is The Amazon Buy Box?
  • Why is Amazon Buy Box Important for Amazon Sellers?
    • The Percentage of Sale Increases
    • Creating PPC Ads Becomes Easy
  • Eligibility Criteria for Amazon’s Buy Box
    • How Do I Know If My Products are Eligible for Buy Box?
    • How Long Will It Take To Fulfill Eligibility Criteria for Buy Box?
  • 5 Proven Ways To Win Amazon Buy Box
  • Conclusion

What is The Amazon Buy Box?

Once a buyer lands on any Amazon listing, they can easily see the various kinds of information about the product like- 

  • On the left side, they can see the product images and video
  • At the center, the customers can see the product’s title, description, and ratings

This information is known as Amazon A+ content.

On the right side, finally, they’ll see the buy box button. A Buy Box is a special box available on most Amazon product listings allowing customers to easily purchase the products they’re looking for.

Amazon A+ content

Why is Amazon Buy Box Important for Amazon Sellers?

The two main reasons stating the importance of Amazon buy box are –

The Percentage of Sale Increases

Buy Box has a huge impact on nearly all of Amazon’s sales as it’s the only call to action block that enables the customers to purchase the item.

Although a Buy Box also provides the seller’s information, this factor doesn’t play a huge role in affecting the customer’s buying decision.

The major benefit of Amazon’s buy box is to maximize sales. Also, sellers can send in their inventory to be stored in one of the FBA inventory on Amazon centers, and when a customer orders an item, it is shipped from that store to the customer.  

Creating PPC Ads Becomes Easy

Amazon PPC allows its sellers to bid for clicks for specific keywords, which can rank them higher amongst all the listings. The sellers having a Buy Box can also create sponsored listings for their products through Amazon PPC and increase their chances of a sale through any shipment mode preferred by the seller such as Amazon FBA shipment mode. 

On the other hand, if you do not have a Buy Box, you cannot create ads for your own listing.

Eligibility Criteria for Amazon’s Buy Box

As an Amazon seller, you must have a Professional Seller Account to qualify for a buy box. Unfortunately, individual sellers are not qualified to get it. 

Also, having a healthy seller account increases your chances of owning a buy box.

A healthy Amazon seller account has good relations with its customers, provides outstanding customer experience, is on good terms with Amazon product policies, and offers exceptional shipping performance.  SKU and ASIN on Amazon are some tools that help you maintain and manage your products better. 

How Do I Know If My Products are Eligible for Buy Box?

If you’re doubtful about your control for Buy Box, Amazon offers its two free tools to check your eligibility for any particular listing.

In your Seller Central Account, go to Inventory and select Manage Inventory. There you’ll find two columns: Buy Box Price and Buy Box Eligibility.

In any case, if these columns are not visible, click on the grey Preferences button above your products on the right. Now, click on those two columns to make them visible on your screen. For this, you can learn how to manage inventory on Amazon.

manage inventory

Now, you’ll easily see which of your products are eligible for Buy Box and the price related to it.

Now, from the search bar, at the top of the page, search for Buy Box, and immediately you’ll see a tool for checking your Buy Box criteria by mentioning your ASIN or SKU.

How Long Will It Take To FulFill Eligibility Criteria for Buy Box?

It will take no time to win a Buy Box if you’re successfully meeting all the criteria for it. 

But if there are other sellers who’re competing for the same listing and pricing, all can equally qualify for winning it. 

In that case, Amazon will randomly decide who wins it based on the number of impressions  . 

5 Proven Ways to Win Amazon Buy Box

Even as a seller, if you qualify the above criteria for winning the buy box, you still may not win it, especially when there are other sellers for the same listing.

However, Amazon does not clearly mention how its algorithm works, but still, there are some little-known strategies of increasing your chance to win the buy box.

  • Sell Your Products in New Condition – Ideally, most sellers are eligible for buy box if they sell a newer version of their products. Very few chances are there; if you’re selling your products under “used condition,” you’re able to win a buy box.
  • Offer Competitive Pricing – Amazon knows that their customers are more pleased when the products are affordable to purchase. If your product’s price is within the 5% range of Buy Box’s price, you’re likely going to win it. The Buy Box price is often the lowest price of any given product.
  • List as a Prime Seller – Amazon prioritizes having a Buy Box to the Prime sellers rather than non-Prime sellers. The sellers who come under Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) automatically get qualified as Prime sellers.  
  • Keep Strong Inventory Levels – If you have only a few products left in your inventory, you cannot fulfill the demands of all the customers. So, Amazon prefers to offer Buy Box to sellers with large inventories.
  • Maintain Positive Feedback – Amazon does not clearly mention its algorithm, but it’s assumed that the sellers maintaining positive feedback will likely get Buy Box more preferably. 


For maintaining as well as grow your business on Amazon, if you’re capable of winning a Buy Box, you’ll see massive revenue growth coming your way.

Not all sellers are capable of having a Buy Box and if you’re one of them, simply practice the above-discussed guidelines, and you’re good to go. 

Placing one Buy Box in your listing will increase your customer’s trust, confidence, and chance of buying the product.