What is A+ Content?

Amazon A+ content is one of the most profitable and incredible ways to build your customers’ trust, boost your conversion rates, and get better rankings on Amazon’s search results.

According to Amazon, A+ content can increase your overall sales and revenue of products by 3-10% on an average. 

Continue reading the article to know how to create A+ content and enjoy its major benefits.

Table of Contents

  • What is Amazon A+ Content?
  • What Does Amazon A+ Content Consist Of?
  • How To Create An A+ Content?
  • Benefits of Creating A+ Content
    • Seize Your Audience’s Attention
    • Brings Your Product Forefront
    • Skyrocket Your Sales
  • Conclusion

What is Amazon A+ Content?

Amazon A+ content gives Amazon sellers the unique chance to list their products and to manage inventory on Amazon with advanced and enhanced features. It also lets them create a stunning brand story through captivating images or videos. With SKU & ASIN on Amazon, you can maintain and manage your products better. 

In short, you’ll have an exclusive chance of including –

  • Comparison charts of your competitors
  • High-Quality Images
  • High-Definition Videos

With the A+ content feature, the sellers can specifically change their product descriptions with rich texts, images, and videos.

The main idea behind creating Amazon A+ content is providing an enhanced user experience that enables the sellers for high conversions and huge traffic.

To summarize, creating exceptional Amazon A+ content will offer more value to potential customers than usual Amazon listings. It makes your listings more effective, provides a refined user experience, and increases the trust among your consumers. You can also learn about the Amazon FBA Inventory 

What Does Amazon A+ Content Consist Of?

An Amazon A+ content will have:

  • Various Images of The Product – You can add multiple close-up shots of your products with different angles.
  • Precise and Crisp Introduction – You can add a short and crystal-clear introduction of around 100 words.
  • List of Bullet Points – This is the best place for explaining every feature of your product in bulleted lists to your customers.
  • Summarized Paragraphs with Catchy Titles – Under this feature, you can provide a clear roadmap of your product, explaining its features, specifications, and benefits.
  • “What’s in The Box” – A special feature, “what’s in the box,” provides a detailed list of product components to inform the buyers of what they’re buying.
  • 360° Product Views – It’s a unique feature given to Amazon A+ content sellers only, allowing customers to have a 360° view of their product.

Below is an example showing how the Amazon A+ content will look alike-

Amazon A+ content

product descreption

How To Create An A+ Content?

Here is the step-by-step guide on how to create A+ content –

Step 1:

Log in to your Amazon Seller Central account with your right credentials. Please make sure that you’re registering as a brand without moving to further steps.

Step 2:

In the next step, go to Advertising and click A+ Content Manager.

amazon seller center

Step 3:

After clicking A+ Content Manager, you’ll be redirected to the new page. Click on Start Creating New Content. Moving further, you’ll be asked to choose the templates that you need to fill before creating your A+ content.

  • Self-Service Modules
  • Amazon Builds for You

amazon vendor central

Step 4:

Select the one based on your requirements. If you choose Self-Service Modules, it will redirect you to the page that asks for the ASIN for which you want to create A+ content. Later, it will display all the options you need to build the modules and layouts.

After mentioning the ASIN, you’ll be asked to choose your Build Layout. Amazon provides 12 different modules, categorized into-

  • Standard (10 options)
  • Advanced (2 options)

Note: A vendor can use a maximum of 5 modules on their product page.

Once you’ve completed the above steps, click on Continue. In the next steps, you can upload the content and product images. Further, you can preview the page and see how it looks before making it public.

Click on Add to Cart for buying details and simply make the payment for A+ content.

Step 5:

If you’ve selected the other option, Amazon Build for you, you’ll only need to upload your product description and images, and the remaining work will Amazon do for you.

Step 6:

In the next step, enter the project name. Ensure your project name is descriptive and meaningful to understand and remember. 

Step 7:

Finally, upload the contents and preview it to know how it looks after going live.

Step 8:

If everything goes well, click the Finish button.

After completing the above steps successfully, Amazon will review your application and make your A+ page live within 7 business days.

On the other hand, if you’ve failed to meet the guidelines, it will lead to rejection. 

Benefits of Creating A+ Content

The major benefit of creating A+ content is to triple your conversion rates and exponentially boost your product sales.

The sellers attract the audience by providing high-quality and descriptive product details. It also gives an extra edge over your competitors to captivate your audience by offering them a rich text, images, and videos. Later you can use the Amazon FBA shipment program to sell your products without worrying about storage facilities. 

Seize Your Audience’s Attention

Creating Amazon A+ content quickly grabs your user’s attention. They’re usually not used to seeing descriptive product images with high-quality videos or images. 

But in the case of A+ content, as a seller, you’ll have a complete chance to captivate your audience and provide them with enough value, which makes their buying decision easier.

Brings Your Product Forefront

The other big advantage of using A+ content is using big and eye-catchy images of your products. This brings you the chance to showcase every single highlight and benefit of the product you’re selling.

Skyrocket Your Sales

According to Amazon itself, the product listings with A+ content tends to have 10% extra sales. The conversion rates increase with the A+ content feature and offer a phenomenal buying experience. Learn how to improve listing quality on Amazon


Undoubtedly, A+ content is one of the proven ways to improve your product’s visibility and ignite your sales which ultimately helps you grow your business on Amazon. It captures the user’s attention within seconds and drives up your sales by clearing all your customer’s doubts.

In fact, it provides an added advantage over your competitors and separates your listings from other common ones, thus, enabling more converting buyers.