Best Advertisement Design Tips To Convert Audience Into Customers

Want to persuade your audience with your advertisement? Make sure your advertisement is engaging enough to generate their interest in your brand. To behold your audience’s attention to your brand, we have put together the seven best advertisement design tips supported by inspiring examples.

Read this blog and you’ll get amazing ad design ideas to make your brand stand out!

7 Advertisement Design Tips You Should Know About

Learn the best advertisement design tips to create a refreshing ad to evoke interest in your customers:

1. Make Creative Ads

Creativity always captures attention. Whatever ad you’re creating to promote your brand, it should be creative enough to generate interest among your target audience. Else your efforts will go in vain.

Consider the example below, Video courtesy: Starbucks:

This advertisement run by Starbucks is all about Starbucks’ beans to cup journey and provides its customers to get a chance to win an exclusive reward. Creative idea! Isn’t it?

Don’t forget to place the main value proposition in the ad image. This will help people understand the concept right as they see your ad. Make sure your ads contrast with the platform’s look and feel. And, it should look good on every screen.

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2. Trigger Emotions

Create ads that directly convey strong emotions. Consider the ad run by Godrej AER Pocket. Video courtesy: Godrej AER Pocket

The ad campaign triggers the emotions of viewers by saying that having a happy bathroom every time is super easy.

3. Focus on “Why” rather than “What”

Let’s say you’re a game developer and you come to me and say, “Hey! I have launched a brand-new game for Android. This gives you grade points so that you can shop premium stuff within the game. Download the application and have fun.” What do you think? Would I download it? Well… that actually depends on my interest in games!

But, obviously, that’s not the right practice because you’ve started promoting your product without knowing whether I’m interested in it or not.

Try to generate the need for your product. Create ads that focus on why should your prospective customers buy your products.

4. Convey one message at a time

Try to convey one message per ad rather than including a lot of benefits and features. Consider the following ad run by Google on LinkedIn.


Advertisement Design Tips

Here Google is encouraging viewers to create lead generation ads. Although Google Ads offers a lot of features that will help you promote your business online.

If you focus on one message at a time, your audience can easily memorize it and it will crease the value of your ad.

5. Use Humor in Your Ads

Introducing humor in your ads can evoke positive emotions and can make your ad memorable.

Consider the example below, video courtesy: Image Ad Films:

6. Visual Creatives Are Always Better

As is rightly said, “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

An image leaves a lasting impression than just reading text. Say, for example, I have launched a new washing machine that offers unique features that other machines don’t. People would love to know how this machine works and what differentiates it from others. All this can be done using high-quality images and videos that demonstrate your product’s features.

If possible, try to create visuals that communicate your message without any need to write any text over it.

7. Being Original Should Be Your Priority

Your ad copies and creatives should be such that differentiate your brand from your competitors. Your advertisement should grab the eyeballs of your target audience. And, at the same time, make sure your ads represent what you actually are without any false communication.

Wrapping Up

There is no hard and fast rule for creating advertisements. But make sure your ad is authentic and contains only original content without providing any wrong or illegal information.

So, what’s your plan for creating advertisements? Any ideas or tips that you would like to share with us? Use the comment section below 🙂

I hope that these best advertisement design tips will help you drive brand awareness and generate revenue for your business. Stay tuned!